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yep!!!that's the one!def not walker friendly
Played river islands course this morning. GREAT setup if you like a challenge. lots of water and trouble. Greens were just waking up so there were some dormant places. Not country club upkeep and the bunkers were rough but I really liked it.   liked it enough that I replayed there.   78 and 82 left a few out there but happy for first time playing. 
booked river islands in the AM and might try to get a PM round in at sevierville. Sevierville has the womens south atlantic conference tourney on one of their courses.   I'll let you know how it goes!
Thanks for the recommendations!   golfadvisor rated   Sevierville golf club highly. I like that they have 2 18-hole courses to make a day of it.   seviervillegolfclub.com   Any ideas on these?
Hi all,   I will be in Knoxville this Sunday and I am looking for a course recommendation. I'm a 5-8 HCP and am willing to pay up to 75.00 ish, maybe more if something is really great.   Prefer to walk if possible but understand that many places are cart only on weekends.    Thanks in advance.   Adam
Ha! Next 3 rounds were: 78, 79, 84...I'm sure my ratio of 88s to 72s will still be high for a while!
  I'm pretty lucky that distance is not my major obstacle. Hands of stone, no clubs inside 100 yards  (full lob is about 100) and no feel for putting. I typically hit that club 220-ish and can juice it a little further if I have my hernia belt on. This shot had a slight tailwind, firm greens...ridculously luckly rollout!!!
Thought I'd share... Started playing about 6 years ago. Been steadily improving and carried a hcp index of 7-10 for the past several years. A bunch of 2 over rounds and about 4-5 1-overs but couldn't break the par barrier! Got a putting tip from a buddy a few weeks ago ( I suck at putting!). August 17th 2014 Olde Liberty Golf and Country Club: Minutemen tees. 6733 yards, slope/rating 72/132 Have only had one sub-80 round on this course (79 and felt good about it). Shot...
Well I am headed back to raleigh tomorrow. I made it to Coyote Hills, Black Gold, Oak Creek and Pelican Hills. They were all really nice. I thought that Coyote hills was a better value than Black Gold, Oak Creek is a really nice course (very fair) and Pelican Hills is nice and it's fun to gawk at rich people. Thanks again everyone. All of the rounds were last minute so sorry that I didn't contact anyone. adam
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