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Ha! Next 3 rounds were: 78, 79, 84...I'm sure my ratio of 88s to 72s will still be high for a while!
  I'm pretty lucky that distance is not my major obstacle. Hands of stone, no clubs inside 100 yards  (full lob is about 100) and no feel for putting. I typically hit that club 220-ish and can juice it a little further if I have my hernia belt on. This shot had a slight tailwind, firm greens...ridculously luckly rollout!!!
Thought I'd share... Started playing about 6 years ago. Been steadily improving and carried a hcp index of 7-10 for the past several years. A bunch of 2 over rounds and about 4-5 1-overs but couldn't break the par barrier! Got a putting tip from a buddy a few weeks ago ( I suck at putting!). August 17th 2014 Olde Liberty Golf and Country Club: Minutemen tees. 6733 yards, slope/rating 72/132 Have only had one sub-80 round on this course (79 and felt good about it). Shot...
Well I am headed back to raleigh tomorrow. I made it to Coyote Hills, Black Gold, Oak Creek and Pelican Hills. They were all really nice. I thought that Coyote hills was a better value than Black Gold, Oak Creek is a really nice course (very fair) and Pelican Hills is nice and it's fun to gawk at rich people. Thanks again everyone. All of the rounds were last minute so sorry that I didn't contact anyone. adam
Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.
Thanks, When I am at home (Raleigh, NC) I cringe when I fork out over $50, but when I am out of town I'll consider up to $100. If you know some gems that are in my "normal" price range, that would be sweet!!! I'll send you a PM or email before I head out. adam
Headed to Anaheim in about a month and looking for some courses. Black gold and Coyote Hills are two that I am looking at. Any other suggestions near the anaheim convention ctr? Anyone want to hack it up with a mid-handicapper (about a 12) June 8-12th? Thanks adam
I got smoked by an 11 year old kid. Our group all played from the tips which was about 6300 yards. I played pretty well and shot an 81. I came in third out of three in the group. The 11 year old boy came in second with a 79 or so and the winner was... His 13 year old sister who posted a 76! It was actually quite fun. I also got my but whipped by a girl that plays here on our college golf team from the tips.
maybe he is just dyslexic if you flip it around and upside down etc. a 98 could be and 86, 89 or even a 68... You guys are sure quick to judge...joke
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