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That sounds Brutal! I've been working out for 3 months to lose weight and strengthen my ankles and Core. I can tell the difference and the soreness doesn't affect me anymore at all.
I just saw this and it sounds interesting to me. I might do this. I can't this week though. is it possible to just play in some of the events? Thanks, Ronnie
I read a few pages but didn't see this answered so.... Is this a 1 time purchase? or is it something I must renew every year? I'm thinking about switching from my surrent stat tracker to this one, I really like the looks of it. is there a demo version to try out? Thanks Ronnie
I enjoy it.
I'm saving right now to get some more lessons, about halfway there.
I've given it some thought...part of it may be that I feel guilty for having such a high handicap. Because I can play well at times and other times not so well. But that means I tend to win skins. I can hear the guys grumble when I do win. I wish we didn't play for money. it isn't much, but I don't like getting 2 strokes on some holes and then parring that hole for a net Eagle.
Thanks for the Tips. I've read the Rotella stuff before and really liked it I guess I need to re-visit it. I should be glad I'm not the only one that has gone through this, although I wouldn't wish it on anyone : ) The part that it is weird is I did so well on the front that my team won the match and I got 3 Net Skins and 2 Gross Skins. I feel kind of guilty winning those because I'm such an inconsistent golfer at times ,that I'm capable of shooting a birdie on one...
I've recently started playing with the MGA group on Saturday mornings. I've been struggling, shooting around 100. The last couple of weeks I've been striking the ball great and finally Keeping the Ball in bound on my drives (real narrow course winding through a neighborhood). Last Saturday I was smoking hot. I shot 43 on the front. I was playing as well as the Top player in our group. When we Tee'd off on 10 I sliced one Out of Bounds into someones yard, Flubbed a chip...
Take lesson. I was a 30 or worse. I signed up for a series of 8 lessons. I was terrible and had to start over. I got worse for a while and then about a month after the lessons were over (and I wasn't thinking about everything all the time) I started shoooting around 100 and occasionally in the 90's. 6 months later I took a series of 4 more lessons. My Instructor said it was time I'd come a long way but would need more work to get better. Again as I took the lessons I shot...
That is exactly how I putt
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