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My other main hobby is playing video games.
I write WP over both logos with an orange sharpie.
Drove to Memphis TN to see Graceland yesterday and seen it for $2.29 on the way down there.Here were I live in western Ky it's about $2.55 a gallon.
You should be able to get it fixed for free,considering it has a 3 year warranty on the 3 red lights.The 360 hasn't been out for 3 years until next month,so all consoles are still under the warranty.Mine just die last friday and they are fixing it for free.
Thats what I thought but my brother said he thought it was illegal but wasn't for sure.
I got another question on rules.Hole #9 at the course I play at has a dogleg to the right with out of bounds down the right side.With a very good drive you can cut the corner and almost reach the green.Is it legal to cut across out of bound as long as it dont land in it?
Hi, new guy here. I was in Dicks Sporting Goods yesterday,and they have a Slazenger set that looks pretty good. http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/pr...ductId=3003271
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