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Oh and affordable practice area's including putting and chipping greens.
Costs is number one people will play more rounds and stay with golf if they can afford it. It is easier to retain golfers if they can afford to play at least once a week. Course set up is number two and also helps with cost, no one likes to have to buy a dozen balls every week to play because of water carry's or rough so high you cant find your ball. also greens so fast and holes set up on slopes so that all missed putts end up off the greens is also a big turn off....
I have played all three but I prefer Taylormade rocketballz's 
ESPN now reporting he has been charged with a two stroke penalty for the infraction.
ESPN is reporting that Tiger may be DQ"d for illegal drop on the 15th hole after his approach shot hit the flag and rolled into the water.
    I'm not talking about reading a break, grain, land,water,speed, I just want to know if the people who play this type of putter see any difference in how the soon the ball starts rolling off the putter face on a store's green compared to one on the golf course. 
  Yes, do those of you who use this type of putter see any difference between how the ball rolls on a stores artificial green vs one of grass? Is it any harder to get the ball rolling on grass?
I am thinking about changing putters to a model with roll groove technology, have any of you noticed a big difference in how they roll a ball on a green compared to the stores putting surface?
It's disposable income.   I have four boys, that's four sets of clubs, enough balls for them to complete a round,and greens fees. Just keeping them in balls to practice with ( I have a huge back yard ) can be expensive. The price of food keeps rising and rising, gas goes up .04 cents a gallon on a daily basis. My hourly pay rate goes up around 4 percent a year but after insurance and taxes I work for less now then I did 10 years ago. Also I live in Upstate NY so I...
You guys are missing the point golf is a game of honesty and integrity you are supposed to call penalties on yourself. All he had to do was phone the tour and ask before he did it. He should get a life time ban.
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