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I just recently got back from a 2 week trip to California, and consequently my golf game took a hold as well. I was hoping for some advice ... Before the trip, my swing was great and I was shooting in the high 70s. However, I've been struggling since I got back with either not hitting the ball solid with irons (weak fade shots) and hitting the ball high on the face with the driver (again, with a weak fade). I have never really hit the ball high on the face before - do...
it's like the top of the skin kind of peeled off. there wasn't any liquid or anything.
I just started playing after the offseason, and about halfway through my first large bucket, a blister formed on my finger and then broke and hurt like crazy. ... I'm wondering, is this normal for not playing for so long or is it something to do with my grip?
Well, the season is nearly over but I'm going to keep on practicing as much as I can! I've been playing rounds lately and I've noticed that bad lies - anything other than the fairway) have been giving me trouble. My handicap is about 8-10 at the moment, and I've finally come to notice that the majority of bad shots that I have come from the rough or on some sort of elevation. I know the basics of how to get through this type of situation, but it just isn't cutting it now....
OHH, scores drop OFF? I didn't know that! Here's the list: CI 9/14/10 82 67.1/123 13.7 * AI 9/2/10 83 70.5/133 10.6 * AI 9/1/10 80 70.5/133 8.1 CI 8/30/10 80 67.1/123 11.9 A 8/26/10 76 64.6/111 11.6 TI 8/25/10 79 66.5/114 12.4 AI 8/24/10 78 66.5/114 11.4 AI 8/20/10 79 66.5/114 12.4 * AI 8/18/10 74 64.6/111 9.6 * H 8/12/10 79 70.0/121 8.4 * T 8/11/10 77 70.0/121 6.5 * H 8/9/10 78 70.0/121 7.5 * C 8/8/10 82 70.2/121 11.0 * T 7/20/10 82...
Even though I'm shooting like 9-13 over, my handicap went down from a 8.6 to 8.4. Why?
Usually I don't have divots, but lately I've been getting a bit more compression so I'm getting divots. Though I haven't been paying attention to where they are. I had a match today and I did pretty good with my irons. I was compressing it really well. However, my driver was still bad.
Help please? I went to the range today and I was drawing or chunking my irons (most of them were decent), but my driver was still absolutely horrible. Fades and only going like 70-80 percent of my full potential. BLEGH!
More swings today: I tried feeling like I was taking the club straight back. This way, I didn't turn my hands open in the takeaway. I hit draws a LOT, some really bad pull/hooks though. Maybe about 20 percent were fades. I can't really control this shot, however. Driver was so crappy - I'm losing so much power and I'm fading it still.
So I'll go to the range and film my swing again soon with the takeaway being straighter.
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