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FortAsel, There are some test and tour samples floating around now, but expect to pay through the nose for them. Other than that, I would most likely predict late March or early April for the full release with the new irons.
Erik,There aren't any hard and fast rules about bending. There are lots of variables that all play a role in how far a club can be bent. A good club maker and feel when a club is at its breaking point. The equipment being used to bend is a big part of it. A high quality Mitchell steel club bolted to the floor along with a good bending bar that has a large surface area to grab the hosel will diffuse the pressure and greatly reduce the chances of cracking.With Vokeys,...
FortAsel,Fastback and Squareback are what I've been hearing about. Also something called the Studio Select to replace the Studio Style. More of a return to his roots - standard shapes without inserts. The tour samples of the Studio Select I've seen all have interchangeable weights in the sole although some debate remains as to which form these will take in retail trim.
Matt P, You've got it exactly. I would agree that it would probably play with too little bounce. This could be somewhat alleviated by grinding the leading edge slightly blunt, but this needs to fit your swing. Better to trade in the 58 and pick up a 60 with the correct bounce configuration.
mikelz, your reasoning is sound, but application is compeltely missing. Although you are correct in that swing weight is measured in a fulcrum the swing weight does not translate onto the golf course. If you were to wear a glove, would you consider the impact it has on swing weight? How about a ring? The answer is no, because the weight is in your hands. The balance point of a club changes when you grip it because you are effectively taking some weight away by...
mikelz,Those are some interesting tips. Point one is counterbalancing and it is not guarantee of hitting it straighter nor is it a guarantee of even reducing swing weight since the weight is in your hands.Point 2 is not for a hook, it is actually for a fade. Faders of the golf ball often take taper out of their grips by building up the right hand. A narrower club promotes a more active hand and is easier to turn over for a hook. If you want to hook the ball, use no...
If you want to get good at this game, at some point you have to learn how to use a driver and use it well. Why not learn how to use it right off the bat and gain some confidence with it. People say learn on the range and then take it to the course. I think anyone who has tried that strategy will tell you that golf on the range and golf on the golf course are two completely different things. With such good prices on used drivers, pick one up, and start swinging away!
hawkeye, Your bronze putter will ship that bright shiny color pictured and will patina over time into the darker color you'd like. If you want to speed up this process, just leave it outside under the patio or in the garage and it will speed the process.
nykfan4life, If it's distance you seek, high end balls aren't what you need. At your swing speed, low compression is the key to getting the most distance you can. Look to 50 compression balls like the Wilson 50, Bridgestone E6, and Precept iQ180. Most premium balls tend to be in the 70-90 range. Compressing the golf ball allows for club head energy to be transferred efficiently into the ball to "activate" the core. If you can't compress a ball, you won't get the...
thumper, Dynamic Gold Plus is a discontinued shaft that was replaced by Dynamic Gold Lite. Think lighter weight, and softer tip than Dynamic Gold while being stiffer in the butt.
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