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SOLD! Closing thread.
For sale is a TaylorMade Corza Ghost RH, 35" STD L/L/L original TM grip. This can pass for brand new, has only been used 3 times on the practice green and a few times on the carpet. $135 shipped to the lower 48 of the US. will post pics later. Contact: k.cruzer@gmail.com
Grips are standard Black Ping grips
PING G5 Irons for sale, 5 thru wedege. Black Dot (Standard L/L/L). Regular Flex TrueTemper Steel shafts. These were an impulse buy for me and as a sweeper I am having issues making solid contact with these. Put 'em in play. Email k.cruzer@gmail.com for pics $245 shipped to the lower 48. Thanks.
For sale are 9 Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound grips is the Black and Pink colorway. Pulled once from a set, lightly used, can pass for brand new. Looking for $55 shipped via paypal in the lower 48. Contact k.cruzer@gmail.com Thanks.
Title says it all, this club has been gently used for one round and range time. $130 shipped. E-mail k.cruzer@gmail.com for pics. Thanks.
used cameron red x for a bill...
wish I could join you. Weather is pleasantly warm today for New England. Enjoy...
MX-300s 4 thru pitch...should be coming in in about 2 weeks...
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