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I'll go with the Nike Tour forged blades as well. If only I had the game to use them...
usually keep anywhere between 12-14 in the bag. Just got back into the game this past season, so I have enough on hand to ensure I can complete the round...I have never actually lost all dozen in my bag during a round, but I am paranoid and like having them in there as a safety net. Losing them is not an issue for me as my in-laws live on the 15th on my home course, so my father-in-law and I scour for balls every week. The guy is crazy, he found 260 last weekend!
goal for the remainder of 2008 is to break 100. I have consistently been shooting in the 103 - 108 range. Just can't seem to get there...that's why we love golf though right. One shot can be great, then the next can chili dip and before you know it (at least for me) you are striving to save double...keeps me humble.
public accountant for one of the Big 4 firms...
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