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I used to be unconditionally brand loyal to Nike based on that is all the apparel and shoes I would use for playing bball...but now it seems that I have hopped onto Taylor Made. I love my R7 irons, and I just picked up the '09 Burner and 5 wood...I think I will be sticking to this set-up for awhile. But I agree with everyone that you should get what works, for me personally though I really dig the matching set, now it is a matter of fixing the swing...looking into more...
Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D.
I have a skycaddie SG2.5 for sale. Here is the eBay link... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=190313020950 Reserve has not been met. If you are interested, it is yours shipped for $185.
price dropped to $185 shipped. Take this off my hands someone!
after every round I scrub with a wet brush, clean out the spikes, and wipe down the leather with a wet wash cloth. I have tour 360 LTDs and all white nikes. Somewhat anal with keeping my kicks clean (must be from all of the Jordans, Pennys, and retro nikes I have). But you know what they say, look good feel good...
surprisingly at the main courses I play, broken tees are few and far between...now if people would only fix their ball marks on the greens. I have lately been using the epoch tees (bio-degradable zero friction), and they are quite durable. I have noticed though that after a few rounds with the same tee it gets warped and bends like crazy making contact seem not as crisp. On the other hand the inconsistent contact could just be a result of my inconsistent swing...
thanks for the link. Just ordered a set.
this is a constant battle with me and something I have made a conscious effort to focus on. I thought that I was blocking my shots pretty badly and pushing them way right. Turns out I was just aiming right...and not pushing my shots as much as I thought I was I took some lessons from a PGA pro at TPC Scottsdale when I was out there with my father, now every time I am at the range practicing I am always setting up my hitting station so I know that at address I am...
regardless if you put on repellant or not, best to do a check when you finish the round. My father-in-law just got diagnosed with lyme's disease from a tick at my home course. Needless to say he is in the woods everyday looking for golf balls as he lives on the 15th.
Selling my SG2.5 accompanied with the leather case. The unit is close to brand spanking new being used for 4 rounds. I am selling as I am looking into a laser rangefinder and just found out the my father purchased a Golf Logix unit for me. With that being said this GPS unit is up for sale. Comes with original box and packaging and leather case. $200 shipped! PM if interested or e-mail at k.cruzer@gmail.com
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