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Eugene talked himself into losing the elimination...the guy is surprisingly worse than me in analyzing his last shot rather than mentally preparing for the next...
I am very interested in this club. Heading to my local golf shop tomorrow to take some more swings with their demo. This is the 2009 Burner correct? The one that retails for $299 right now (http://www.tgw.com/customer/category...EGORY_ID=11798) Will be in touch.
agree with all the Gerina comments...keeps me watching every week.
Nike SV 52* tour black satin...seldom used in 4 rounds.
there's a guy that plays out at my home course. He lost his right arm, and absolutely crushes the ball off the tee with his left. I give mad props to the guy for staying with the game and making the necessary adjustments he needed to in order to remain a player.
Just purchased one of these for $150. Went to the range and planning on playing Friday and Saturday. From range sessions it seems like a good driver, looking forward to seeing how I perform with it come this weekend.
I have bought new but wait until the new models come out so I can get the last year's at a discount. Will even trade-in my old one to get a better deal, unless I think I might game it down the road.
you'll love it. I have the 2.5 and have only played 2 rounds with it but it is ridiculously accurate. Now if only my game was as accurate...
Played TPC Scottsdale Champions and Stadium course 2 weekends ago. Absolutely phenomenal. I was surprised to learn that the Champions course was a lot more difficult and more narrow than the Stadium. Overshot the par 3 16th at the Stadium course (the one with the gallery at the FBR open), but scrambled to save par.
Just picked these up the other day as well. Have yet to really hit them apart form some scrub balls into the woods behind my house, but I can tell that I am going to love these. Will hit the range Friday morning then off to the course to game them. I admit I am a true fan...
New Posts  All Forums: