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yeah, Gamers have not been around at my local stores for the past couple of weeks that I have been looking. I have resorted to the D2 Feel which actually suits me pretty well. They are great on the budget considering that I still end up losing 2 or 3 balls per round
I agree with the previous comments that you should use what you have now, and then reassess your need for new clubs based on the enjoyment you are having and what you are trying to accomplish. I have been gaming hand me downs from my father for the past year and a half and finally have just completed putting my very own set together this season as I am now really looking into focusing on the game and improving my performance each and every day.
I too think that they need to play out holes a bit more...I find that now I am primarily watching the show for Blair and Gerina
yeah you've got to go with the rotation and have multiple pairs to ensure that they dry out. I am somewhat neurotic with my shoes however (an avid sneaker collector as well), so I clean my spikes after every round, wipe them down, etc. I even go so far as stuffing them with paper and/or old terry cloths so that they will keep their shape and form
absolutely classic ^^^^ I get just as excited when I am able to walk on the course and tee off when I don't have a pre-set tee time. I left an iron at the range of my home course one time. Didn't realize until I was in Charleston for vacation (so much hate at me for not looking in my bag before packing it up for the flight), needless to say it was in the pro shop when I returned.
Nil for me, but witnessed my best friend break my 3 Wood back in the day
just joined the r7 club. I am ecstatic with these and think I have finally found a set that will suit me well. With my old irons (and I assume with these) I usually take some hot water, mild dish soap, and an old toothbrush to clean them. I rinse with water, let them air dry for a bit, then dry them off with terry cloth. Lately this has been done after every round, I have become somewhat obsessed with cleaning my clubs (it's like I am wiping away all of the bad strokes...
4 wedges in the bag - PW and AW (TM R7s) and at 52 and 56 degree (see below)
took a couple lessons when I was with my dad at TPC Scottsdale. Things I need to work on to finally get into double digit scoring... - Stronger grip to stop pushed/blocked shots - Posture and secondary spine angle - Turning my clubface during downswing, especially with driver - sand play - putting - course management (I need to start to play to my strengths rather than always trying to go for it...example I played yesterday and consistently tried to hit out of the...
Mizuno MP-30s, too bad they were too much club for me at the time. As I work on improving my game I hope to have some MP-52s by the end of the year, start of next season...
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