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Just ignore them. Sometimes the pairings just do not work. So play your game and move on, who you get paired with is an integral part of the game if you cannot set up a foursome.
I see no reason to spend over $500 to buy strangers drinks. I think the drinks "on me" is for your playing partners. And you do get stuck if you in a big group, but many clubs have "hole in one clubs" where you pay $5 or $10 to a hole in one player on your bill to cover his or hers bar tab on that day.
Its a local rule issue. Reds are easier to understand and most players expect red stakes around water. Most players could not even tell the options off the top of their head with yellow stakes, that I play with.
I am the same and it has to do with my quicker transition. A regular shaft for me balloons to the right, no matter what I do. Stiff go longer and straight.
Bad putting is the result of bad setup to the line and deccelerating slaps at the ball. You need to be able to see the line to your hole and then square your putter face to that line. I see so many people with a toe up putter which closes the putter face or grounding the putter on a sloping green so that the face opens or closes a hair with the slope and is no longer square to the line. Remember a downhill lie goes right and an uphill goes left of line whether its on the...
The best practice is on the golf course if you have a place you can access late in the door and play: several balls, say one from the blue, one from the white and one from the red and hole out on each. This puts a whole new prospective on each ball as different trouble comes into play. or play one ball hit twice from there and play the worst shot each time. or hit a driver on one ball, three or five wood the other and play out: or carry a few clubs say a 7 iron, wedge and...
I agree the ideal driver loft for most golfers is 12 or even 13 degrees because of their swingspeeds and launch angles, but the problem is most drivers in these lofts, off the rack, come with A shafts and are too whippy and soft to help the average golfer.
But, if you ponder it further, it is all still relative, its not as if only the poorer players can avail themselves to the better gear. So, in a sense, the poor will play better but so will the best.
Take the club back with your body and finish with a shoulder turn, if your club is out of position at the top you are using independent arm motions to take the club back. This results in poor club position at the top and a relaxed coilless body, so the minds resorts to throwing the right shoulder out to power the club down, but it goes out instead OTT and all the bad and inconsistent shots result.
The two things every golfer should do every morning in the shower, and I mean every morning is after warmed up and washed, take your best golf stance and position yourself so your forehead just touches the wall. Put your hands on your opposite shoulder not turn back and through not changing your spine angle or lifting your head off the wall. next stand up straight and turn back so both hands touch the wall behind you but your feet don't move and hold a few seconds...
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