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He shot 86 or so, your friend shoots over 130. Might it have been frustrating for him also? That's the problem with public golf, your paired up with whomever and it can be fun or really be a pain in the neck for everyone concerned, not just you, but everyone.
What I meant when I said a full turn is to make a full "torso" turn back and through on a level plane against a firm rear leg. Your expression of an active hip with the arms attempting to catch up is surely a sign of an arms based steep lifting which throws the whole forward move out of sync. The pop up is the result of a very steep over the top swing which will not happen if you make a good level turn back and through. Lessons are fine but are no substitute to learning...
Short answer is you can be anything and say anything (politely) on the Internet. But, you should also know some of these kids coming up today do hit it a long way. I played 9 holes with a kid 15 or 16 and he hit the ball, carried it, over 300 yards twice at sea level. All over- power and inconsistent, but the raw distance is there for a lot of these youngsters.
When my driver swing go out I tee the ball lower to make solid contact but I normally tee the ball 1/2 above the soled driver which is very low compared to what most teachers recommend.
What bends the left wrist forward prior to impact is the arms coming off the body too soon in the downswing, once the arms get ahead the left wrist breaks down. Learn to make a better coil and take the club back with your body and not your arms and the lower body move to trigger the downswing will come naturally and the over the top move will disappear. Drills to correct the problem only, otherwise, would involve tensing the left arm resulting in a poor hinge back and an...
You can the same old story here and everywhere, people swing their irons so smooth, but cannot hit the driver. I think swinging a 9 iron is fine but it will never help you learn to hit the driver. The plane is so different and your hitting down on a short iron with a short iron setup and stance. You need to learn to make the proper big extended move back and through with a long club. I like the swinging of a rake, but you can also hit your driver on your knees and tee the...
All the stuff you mention would tend to lower one's handicap, not raise it, such that those folks would be at an a disadvantage in a real hcp. match. Following the rules adds strokes in most cases.
Short answer is your just not making the big full turn or pivot with this club. Practice swinging a rack at home and concentrate on making a level shoulder turn back and take the rack back with your shoulders/torso, turn not your arms. In the swing forward keep your arms back so they come off your body at impact and swing through to a full finish. What happens with the driver is we want to swing faster as we think we need to, so we lift the club back with our arms not our...
Dealing with this garbage now, too. Mine is my Latissimus Dorsi on my rear side. It causes pain in the back and front and into the inner elbow. Stretch and massage those trigger points. Ice after golf and moist heat occasionally.
I have a mat but rarely use it because it is different hitting off a mat and I found it does not help hitting off real dirt/tight fairways. I believe you would be better served just hitting whiffle balls off hard packed dirt than using a fluffed up well padded mat.
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