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I think a slice is simply an arms swing which is out to in and decelerating causing the face to open and quits at the ball. Practice swinging anything a rake or a short club, especially a putter and let it slide down your body and then turn through so the implement stays back and you can swing it through your impact zone not just to it. Then you can take a 9 iron and practice swinging through balls with the club back behind your hands not out in front. I know, it is very...
What is instinctive to the novice is to hit out hard from the top as this feels like a power move but in reality is a golf swing killer. People make golf like swing motions all the time such as chopping a tree or making a body punch. All those things require precise body/arm moves in sequence. When we hit from the top we throw our golf swing out of sequence; having said that everyone has a natural swing that fits them and will work well but it may take some instruction and...
Its why I putt whenever I can near the greens as for me its too easy to miss a short chip by hitting behind the ball, eventhough I practice this shot a lot. It was tough one time telling my team I had a bogie instead of a par and they are all scratching their heads....
Not if your all on the same "team". Its your "opponent" that you cannot ask for or accept advice from.
Fluffing up the lie or moving the ball onto grass really does not help that much and probably contributes to lack of improvement as much as anything in golf. I voted no.
I think you are doing great, mid 80s, after such a bad injury and layoff. Good luck to you.
Too bad you could not play that day and it never end. You will play next week or whenever and wonder how you you ever hit it so good on the range that day. When those "golf gods" wake up they love to punch balloons, just for the fun of it.
I am sorry but your post really makes no sense to me. "They do not play the clubs that fit their game",... "but only worry about how it feels and flies in their hands" Huh?
Your current clubs will tell you. If you have a quarter size wear pattern in the sweet spot and most hits are well within the grooves, your good to play blades. The thin top line is addictive and as stated, the modern blades are easy to hit with the lower center of gravity and expanded sweet spot to the center of the club.
It depends on the club. Generally, having the hands forward is known as "impact attitude" that is your set up resembles the impact position. Most instructors I have read feel it is easier to go to a position in a swing than maintain one throughout. That being said, hands should be somewhat ahead for a 7 iron up, even for mid irons and somewhat behind for a driver. The main problem with a generally hands ahead position is it tends to steepen the swing and promote a...
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