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I respectfully disagree and I carry a dual strap all the time. What happens is just like a backpack, the head moves forward to counteract the shoulder weight and the upper back, small muscles of the neck and shoulder are put under tremendous strain and are pulled forward out of position. (read all the info online about school kids and their backpacks, you will never carry clubs again) The key is to carry a stand less dual strap superlite bag, sun mountain makes one,...
One further note, a violent right shoulder move outwards, ie., OTT, will in and of itself cause the body to move forward so as to catch the ball on the heel, no matter how far or close you are to the ball. Good players drop the right shoulder down in the downswing, not out, so they rarely fall forward or lose their balance.
Hitting the heel of the driver is most likely as someone said, an over the top issue, as the left arm folds too soon before impact the body comes forward to catch the ball at least on the heel. Really work on flattening the swing by making practice swings 6 inches above the ball. Take the club back, then over and down to the ball in slow motion keeping the left arm extended all the way up and down until past impact. Club cannot get outside if you maintain the left arm...
Bring on the dogs, hopefully, they will run off all the geese and all their droppings. Geese love to defecate on the greens and get real irate if you need them to move out of your line of putt.
Barefoot is south west of North Myrtle Beach but is apparrently within the NMB city limits. There are several subdivisions in Barefoot and several homes have been lost. The entire area has been evacuated (all 3 courese closed). Most of the courses on the north end would be tough to play with all the smoke. The south end has some smaller fires in the Murrells Inlet area and it is smokey there also.
Holding everything back so that the clubhead whips through the impact zone. Try swinging a rope or whip and try to get it to snap at the bottom. While the advice to swing hard is well intended, you must swing hard and fast to develop clubhead speed. When poorer player swing hard, their arms flail out off the chest or they yank the club down, not of which are swinging the club. Try chopping a tree and swing hard or hammering a nail hard. You will see all the strength is...
Hey, we all cannot be that bad, somewhere there is a glimmer of hope.
Are you referring to opening the face? This has no effect on the grooves as you would still set up correctly and swing in to in such that the club face is flat but still square to the target line and making solid contact with the ball. The more you open the face the more left (open) you set up to make the ball go straight. If you lack body swing and just flail your arms you swing path will be out to in even on a short wedge shot and the open face will make the ball, then...
Exactly why I could not do the Dante moves. The early wrist cock he teaches threw off the timing of the swing and added tension to the wrists. But, that is what he wanted when he says hold the club real tight. Feeling the weight of the club at address is key to the correct pressure and early swing back and correct hinging.
A quick visit to their website reveals the greens there are "tift dwarf" By the way The Witch is an excellent play and far better than Man of War. The suggestion for Glen Dornoch is very good. Since you are on the north end, Crow's Creek just over the line in NC is really nice and has great turf conditions.
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