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Please remember if the right arm folds correctly down and under the shaft, the left wrist hinge is automatic. You folks who are struggling with the wrist hinge are probably lifting the club as a first move back. This adds tension to the wrists and gets the right arm folding incorrectly up and locking out the proper hinge. Work on the initial takeaway of the first inches to make sure it is a level swingback and not a microscopic lift. The lifting comes from grounding the...
[QUOTE=imtomtomim;282332]well, I'd stay away from trying to draw those scoring irons then. Fades tend to stick better so just keep going with that. Really well said, hooked iron shot make decent numbers impossible. They just too hot and run into trouble or far away.
Learn to waggle and incorporate the waggle in your pre shot routine. It is the wrist cock and releases tension so you can hinge back. Also, buy a Swingglyde, about 30 bucks off line or in a golf store. It really helps you learn to feel a good wrist hinge and teaches you to swing to a on plane position at the top. You can also just swing back slowly so that the butt end of the club faces an extension of the target line behind the ball near the top of the backswing to get a...
For a multitude of possible reasons your swing-path is out to in. Really work on hitting the ball to first base with a straight, flat wristed left arm. This requires you to get the club down inside and making a good turn back to allow the club to descend down inside from the top. The right arm should extend through and beyond the ball at the bottom. If it extends at the top, you spend your hit and the club is outside or over the top. As a pro on the OTT move, for me to rid...
Your numbers are right on to me. People who consider low 80s players, not so good mystify me and are not in touch withe the mainstream skill levels in golf. 90 is actually a decent score on a regulation course of 6500 yards playing strict rules of golf. Few souls who have played or now play can do it once, much less regularly.
That's because this is fantasy land for many people, they can't play golf but can work a keyboard.
Great advice. Short par fours have lots of trouble but only need a three wood or 20 degree hybrid, to set up an easy approach shot to the green for an easy par or birdie. The driver opens the door to the high numbers on these short holes.
On the Internet anyone can ask anything, no matter how nutty or off the wall. Easy answers, go to a store, get fitted, or try something else. But most of us already know that anyone, if they could swing at really high speeds would tone it down to levels which afford some degree of control, and that should put you in the X100 or 7.0 area with no issues.
Simple answer is to expand and play with lots of different people at this point.
I love to see folks dress up for golf. They dress up for every other sport in some sort of uniform, unless its in an vacant lot or field. There you can hit golf balls also in cutoffs with no top.
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