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Sorry to disagree but a too stiff shaft results in a slice because the face is open at impact and a too soft shaft results in a hook because the face over closes at impact. It takes more swingspeed , not less, to get the face square at impact with a stiffer shaft,
Rabcin hit it right on, no pun intended. The difference between 72 and 82 is really nothing. A few unlucky breaks, a few putts or chips and your at 82. Thats clearer in your case because you do shoot rounds you do like. Somedays that errant shot hits a tree and lands in the fairway others days its OB. Thats golf.
All those stiff shafts, you got, sure make it hard to get the club face square at impact for alot of swing types. Thats why they make Rs and it pays to get fitted. Not much macho in a slice.
One company makes it hard to beat Titliest, given their wedges, putters and irons (and their balls, too)
That is a real problem for lots of people. Shoot great for 15 holes and blow up enough to stay in the low 90s. The mind just won't let you go there to the land of lower scores. To shoot 81 with a 26 handicap is insane. That club should adjust his hcp. lower, which they can do.
In this case he only cheats himself by falsely lowering his handicap, doesn't he. The lower it goes without the skill, the less he wins. But, let him know you thought he had whatever on a hoile and he will know your counting also.
Its mainly about trusting the swing and that can come fairly quickly. It does with a lot of young kids. But for some of us, it can take longer a lifetime (or two)
If you are getting outside a the top, your arms may be pulling the club back across the ball, to reach it, which decelerates the head speed and causes thin shots. Practice your back swing only against a wall. Take your stance with your butt just touching the wall. You should be able to complete your backswing and not have the club contact the wall
New Posts  All Forums: