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A lot of tee height can be added if you do not ground your driver. Teeing too high really makes the shot more difficult as the miss under the ball increases with height. Teeing the ball too low encourages a too steep swing, so better to err on too high, than too low.
One reason I struggled with this somewhat, I now realize is my failure to execute another magic move which is to stay behind the ball through impact in your spine angle. Not so easy to do with the lateral hip slide, at first. To all trying this really work on sliding the hips to the front while holding the head behind the ball and maintaining the spine angle through impact. A poor swing is a poor swing, no matter which swing method you use. Holding the correct angles is...
Absolutely nothing. It is their club and its great they run it as they see fit. When the bottom line dictates, they can alter their rules, if they want to, on any issue. Most clubs are struggling for menbers at this point, Augusta is not one of those clubs.
The problem I have is coordinating the wrist break and shoulder turn so it is one fluid motion.
I don't know what question is being begged. Pros hit the ball to a spot on or near the green where it will end up close to the hole and do it well often. How much spin they employ depends on the situation.
Drive the face of the wedge behind and down through the ball with a flat left wrist, (any scooping will doom the shot) and turn and accelerate through the ball to the finish. Your swing thought is you want to scrape the backside of the ball as you drive through it so as to spin the ball backwards.. A sweeping type motion will not impart any backspin on the ball. Just like ping pong, you slide the paddle down the backside of the ball to spin it backwards. Its really very...
12 hours and I cannot even remember which end of the club to hold.
I will take an 83 thank you and its sure helps my ego. Not many people can shoot a real 83, its like 2 percent of all golfers under strict rules. Golly, even an 84 cheers me up. But, I cheer up easy under 85.
These distances rate a regular flex shaft. I do not know the flex you have, and did not read all the replies, but you clearly are a R and S will tend to be too low.
Shafts too stiff?
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