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Swingspeed comes from the coil and the wrists releasing through at the right millisecond. All of that comes from creating and maintaining the correct angles while turning back and through which takes flexibility and some strength. I am working on a perfect setup and then turning back maintaining my hands in front of my chest so my body turns my arms back and then maintaining the left arm on the chest on the downswing so I am holding the hit and releasing the right arm...
I used to live on Pine Lakes golf course. I still work a few miles away and hope to play it this or next week. I hear it is really nice and the changes were for the better. Where I regularly play we do not overseed and the dormant Bermuda makes a great winter turf and the grass is already green. Once the lows overnight stay above 60, the grass will take off.
Barefoot's rates are $185 per their website; way overpriced for Myrtle Beach. The courses here are overseeded with rye and some years it doesn't take so well and the fairways can be thin, muddy and soft. I am glad you found some courses in great shape. All the greens should be in top shape this time of the year in Myrtle. They will start punching in May as the spring season winds down. Then they kill the rye and its 4 to 6 weeks of some pretty bad conditions until the...
Nope, sliced the heck out of them as everything can get locked out and no release of the club.
That is why I quit doing the Dante method, my left elbow hurt. You explained why.
I still think there may be some laxity in your position at the top, although your move back looked to me to be fairly good on the video. If there is laxity, ie. lack of coil, doing much of anything, at the top of the backswing, doesn't help the downswing so the body recruits the right shoulder to move the arms out and down which is an OTT move. Make sure the shoulders/sternum complete the turn back and the arms just are turned/raised by that body turn. This keeps you...
However you should know this : Maintain the bend in your right (rear) wrist. If you unhinge your right (rear) wrist during the downswing, you will hit behind the ball. regards,[/QUOTE] I have never heard this. Maybe anything can happen if you release early, not just fat shots?
And if it really works, as the saying goes, buy the Demo you hit, as no two clubs, exactly the same, really play the exact same due to the nature of graphite and the assembly process of the head and the finsihed club.
I guess the question would have been better posed to you as what is your 99percent make distance from actual putts. Hoping to make putts has nothing to do with percentage made putts from increasing distances from the hole. Most people make all two inch but do not make all three feet putts although they would like to forget those misses. Every putt is makeable and mental attitude and good technique make more putts sink, but alas, they do not all go in for anybody and the...
On the next Blade vs. Cavities thread can we are least spell cavities correctly or perhaps even use "cavity backs". Golly what else is there to say? We eagerly await.
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