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First post on here in a few years so here it goes!   Last year's season started off with good playing, but ball was always forward in my iron play, my swing was outside to inside and my drives rarely sliced less than 30 yards... Bought myself a membership and got to work at the range over the summer... Started from scratch and redid my whole swing to move more inside to outside and start turning over my wrists more, which meant more distance and a draw that I could...
Finally got back on the Forum! I havent been on since last summer and I've had such amazing experiences over the fall playing Varsity Golf for High School. The places and courses I played was amazing, not to mention I shot my lowest score my last match! After work at my club I golfed all weekend and spent 4 days on the course and one on the range during the week! It was a seven day a week deal and I loved every moment of it! Its an awsome feeling crushing your 3-wood...
Hello, a project about snow at home for my Engineering Class requires that i need to have at least 100 responses filled out. The survey is all about making snow, its an easy 9 question link that shouldnt take more than a couple minutes to fill out. I know a lot of you dont really like snow, but its a process I need to do for my course and I need your help! Please take the time because 100 responses seems like far away, but not if I have your guys help! -Thanks!...
Try both and see what works. Ive noticed that the hybrids are a lot easier to hit from the fairways and you got a lot more control
Its now coming all together! Ive been having simliar problems and I think its because my arms are to infront of the ball.. so maybe swing more or less like a driver with less steep of an angle. Dont swing any harder then you would a 9i or 7i.. My biggest problem is when staying on the same "path" on my downsing as in my takeaway.. things dont sync. up
Probably like many other sports.. the sponsers send them out, actually a good question.. who does the shirt Barclay or Callaway for instance?
I can see if he didnt buy everyone in the room beer, but to get up and leave and not get himself another one or his buddy.. plus not finishing a round..
Having the same problems! My driver has just been so inconsistant.. and you can tell on my score too! I think im swinging to hard and not using my body as a coil!
Its funny when a ball goes right towards a set of trees and somehow doesnt hit anything and lands far on the other side!
My backs been really sore lately! I swing to hard for my shaft stiffness.
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