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^^^ I can't complain too much about the implant since I'm still playing. I've had a bad back since I hurt it when I was about 12 years old. I honestly can't remember what it feels like to not have pain in my back. It's just a part of my life.   The implant does what it was designed to do although I dread the thought of going through another one of those surgeries. The operation was pretty severe as was the pain. My second operation, one year after the first was just to...
A friend of mine who was a pretty poor golfer used to smoke expensive cigars on the golf course. One day he was teeing off and threw his cigar on the ground about a foot away from his tee-ball. He took a mighty swing and missed the ball but hit the stogie dead square. It exploded and I swear for a moment it looked like a ticker tape parade. The other two guys and myself all doubled over in laughter. To this day I can't figure out how he could miss the ball by that far. All...
My nephew, Ben Doyle, is a member of the Cal golf team. They have a decent team ranked  around 25 last I checked. Go Bears! cubdog
I've had two back surgeries. One included a titanium implant. I still play although not as often as I'd like. Before my operations I played 5 times a week now I'm down to about 2. I will likely have to have another implant put in but my doctors tell me if I can deal with the pain to go ahead and play. I need to do more core exercises to strengthen things but at 62 I've become a bit lazy when it comes to working out.   cubdog
I just hope some of the young guys show some personality. Give us something to root for. I can't stand guys like Watson, Simpson and some others who think God actually cares about the outcome of a golf tournament. Nothing against religion, I am a Zack Johnson fan but he has class and a personality that goes beyond the bible. Reed has some growing up to do but he has a fire and passion that's refreshing. Spieth, Koepka, Bradley, English, Finau, and Thomas are all fine young...
The BB is always a welcome wintertime golf diversion around here. We got around 8 inches of snow yesterday so I won't be playing anytime soon.   I see the female cohost, prior to Paige, has returned. I've forgotten her name. She was ok, I thought, and certainly easy on the eyes. As far as Tom Abbott goes, I actually like him and find him rather humorous.   Here's to a good BB season.   cubdog
I just finished reading the article. You pretty much summed up my take on all this. I find it sad though, I've always been willing to cut Reed some slack. I admire his tenacity. Remember what he did with Monday qualifying before he was a tour member? I can tolerate an *******. But if these cheating and stealing allegations are true that's another story. Whatever his past he will need to address this situation before it completely blows up on him. Maybe it already has. cubdog
I agree. I was very surprised by this graph. I think the fact it only takes in account those with a legit handicap really skews the figures. cubdog
You sound bitter. Have a drink. Maybe you'll feel better. cubdog
I'm not sure why she gets so much criticism. Is it because of her looks or because she makes a living doing something that most of us would like to make a living at but aren't good enough to. By all reports she is one of the hardest working golfers on the LPGA. That can't be it. So I guess it is her looks. That's nice.   cubdog
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