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Arrogant or not the US Ryder Cup team needs more players like Reed. Personally I like his attitude.   cubdog
I hate colored tees. Only natural for me. I'm also particular about my ball marker. I use an Irish coin, I'm of Irish descent,  minted the year I was born. I keep a backup in case I lose the current one. I'm not comfortable using anything else.   cubdog
It's driving me crazy too. But I only listen to the commentators for about an hour. Then, the TV sound gets muted and the stereo comes on. I don't need to be told what I can see anyway. cubdog
Reed has his critics but he seems to be a match play stud. He was a part of a National Championship team at Augusta State if I'm not mistaken. It will be interesting to see how his match play career plays out.   cubdog
I can't believe four people responded Korean.   cubdog
Was anyone else surprised that Azinger is not part of the new Task Force? I'll be interested to hear his comments on Morning Drive tomorrow.   cubdog
Friendly competition against a buddy I could care less. A sanctioned event or even a casual club tournament, yes, I'd ask him if he knew his aid was illegal. I certainly wouldn't call him a cheater unless I had proof that he knew the device was illegal.    cubdog
This is how things work where I play as well. The score is not the most important thing to most people I play with. Most days I don't even keep score anymore. Exercise, fun with friends and family are far more important to me. It didn't use to be that way but my life has changed as well as my golf game. I know when I'm playing well. I know when I'm hitting good shots. I take pleasure it that. I don't always need to post a number. If that aspect of the game is important to...
I'm retired and that certainly helps. I play three or four times a week or less depending on my bad back.  Before retirement I was lucky to play twice a week.   cubdog
 Why don't you just lose the attitude and try to carry on a civil discussion? I don't need you to lecture me on how forums operate. If you have a problem with me why not send me a PM. The open forum is no place to carry on in this manor. I doubt if anyone appreciates it. Sorry to everyone else. It was never my intent to have this discussion spiral out of control. cubdog
New Posts  All Forums: