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Paula Creamer would like to play an event at Augusta National. Seems like a simple and reasonable desire from a professional golfer. And yet it gets a comment or reaction or whatever the above is. Personally I'm glad my wife doesn't hang out around here. I'm pretty sure what her opinion might be.
Being a fan of golf, which includes the LPGA, I'd love to see it. I understand it will never happen. It's obvious that most male members here believe it's a horrible idea. I can't say I agree with the arguments against the idea although I understand most of them. What do the female SandTrappers think of the idea?
That is strange concerning Kelly who has the reputation of being one of the nicest guys on tour. Guess everyone has a bad day once in a while.
Everyone has a temperament. Even Jason.
Honestly I thought that's what you meant. But I always seem to misinterpret those Canadian winks. Must be the accent.
I'm not following what I'm supposed to check? I'm not questioning the metal toughness of either golfer but Rory has already proven his toughness in three majors. I have no doubt Jordon will do so as well either this weekend or in the very near future. I'll draw the line however at saying he is infinitely tougher than McIlroy as that has yet to be proven by any measure.
Last I checked Rory has won three Majors. Spieth is "infinitely tougher between the ears" than Rory. Interesting.
I wish the, "powers that be", at Augusta would get over themselves. It makes no sense that, arguably,  the most popular golf tournament in the world has restrictions on televised coverage. We get it. The Masters is special. We can't all be patrons for every round, every year. The elitist nature of this tournament is beginning to take away from my enjoyment of the golf.
22 pages of speculation about a couple none of us know. I wonder what they would say if they read this thread? I'll simply say that I wish the best to both Jason and Amanda.
I'm not a fan. Never have been. Let's just say I have philosophical issues with him.
New Posts  All Forums: