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I had my personal best of seven 3s on my par 72 course. Three on the front nine and four straight on the back. After a miserable year of play this came out of the blue and was a most welcomed surprise   cubdog.
This year has been a struggle from the start. Coming off two back surgeries and a 50 weight loss my swing was very messed up at the start of the year. I've put in some work and thing have finally started to improve. My last two rounds were 81 and 82 with 28 and 30 putts. I still have difficulty playing more than three times in a week or back to back days. I just get too sore and stiff.   Anyway yesterday, I tried to play for a third straight day and it was a disaster....
Don't feel too bad. That 79 will come and when it does it will be much easier to do again. Just like the once elusive 4 minute mile when the barrier is broken more will follow. cubdog
Love my Traeger! Ribs sound like a good choice. Golf for sure but no work for me. cubdog
I'm a fan. She is a smart talented golfer. Wie brings fans to the LPGA. I hope she has many more wins and wins many more majors.    cubdog
The only thing I miss about "nails" is the sound they made on hard surfaces. Soft spikes are so much more comfortable. Next I'll try spike less and see how I like those.   cubdog 
I only has time for 9 holes today. After l hitting 7 balls OB on Friday I had few expectations. But surprise I shot a 38! 5 pars and 1 birdie. 15 putts, 6 fairways dead center I might add, 4 GRI. Average drive was 225. 240 the longest. Not bad for a 62 year old.   cubdog
When I first saw the price I thought it was a bargain and a good value for all that it's capable of doing. cubdog
For me the look of the club head, as well as the feel,  is as important as the size. I used an early version of the Taylor Made Burner 460cc for years. It was, for me a great driver.  When it suffered a broken shaft I was eager to try the newer white version. Guess what? I hate it! I can't hit it straight to save my life. I don't like it's odd elongated head shape and it has no feel.   Eventually I switched to a Cleveland Classic. I love it's traditional head shape and...
I'm not a snake fan. For some reason they have always given me the creeps. I few years ago, we were playing a new course in the Denver area. We walked up to the first tee and right in the middle of the tee box was a rather large coiled rattle snake. Freaked me out! One of our foursome had a ball retriever and used that, extended to persuade the snake to move along. I stayed quite a long way out of harms way while this was going on. I wouldn't have touched that thing for...
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