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We get it.  You dislike Mickelson. You don't need to keep saying this over and over. Acceptthe fact that some of us disagree with your opinion. cubdog
I was never much of a Faldo fan when he played. I'm even less a fan of his broadcasting skills. He never seems to finish his sentences and it sound like his mouth is full of mashed potatoes. Other than that I guess he's ok.   cubdog
Tommy Gainey and Matt Every have won on the PGA Tour. Three women have played in the Solheim Cup. I'm drawing a blank right now, on their names, but for sure three have made that team. That's pretty impressive as far as I'm concerned. For those five, at least, I think being a part of The Big Break has paid dividends. It seems to a person the contestants acknowledge what a pressure cooker the show is and how that environment has helped them. I agree with most of you that...
Creamer and Gal definitely! Actually there are a lot of excellent dressers on the LPGA although I'd need to give it more thought in order to name anyone else specifically. Not a bad assignment though.   cubdog
Enrico Pieranunzi...Permutation   cubdog
I'm pulling for her as well. She's been though a lot the last few years. It's hard to believe she is still only 30 year old. cubdog
I like that rule. I remember around I played in Denver years ago. Anyone who's spent any time in the Mile High City knows how fickle it's weather can be. When we started the round it was in the 60's and sunny. On the 18th hole it was in the 30s with white out conditions. The 18th green was now a white one. The funniest part was when we went into the pro shop the pro told us if we wanted to keep playing it was on the house. We declined. cubdog
Bill Evans...Alone
Yeah but if I could figure out away to speed my friends up I would. I clocked 9 holes in 43 minutes a couple weeks ago and I wasn't even in a hurry. I'm not complaining though, most of my friends, and wife play pretty fast too. It's funny, we do have one friend, among our regular group, who is painfully slow. We let him know it too but it doesn't seem to help. Actually, he isn't that slow buy today's standard but he certainly is methodical. cubdog
I haven't had one in years but when I was younger, stronger, and played at altitude, [Denver], I'd get one on occasion. It was a lot easier for me to reach par the 5s in two back then. Length is key. I'm a better golfer now but rarely reach in two. I've never had an eagle on a par four or had an ace either although I've been pretty close many times.   cubdog
New Posts  All Forums: