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Don't feel too bad. That 79 will come and when it does it will be much easier to do again. Just like the once elusive 4 minute mile when the barrier is broken more will follow. cubdog
Love my Traeger! Ribs sound like a good choice. Golf for sure but no work for me. cubdog
I'm a fan. She is a smart talented golfer. Wie brings fans to the LPGA. I hope she has many more wins and wins many more majors.    cubdog
The only thing I miss about "nails" is the sound they made on hard surfaces. Soft spikes are so much more comfortable. Next I'll try spike less and see how I like those.   cubdog 
I only has time for 9 holes today. After l hitting 7 balls OB on Friday I had few expectations. But surprise I shot a 38! 5 pars and 1 birdie. 15 putts, 6 fairways dead center I might add, 4 GRI. Average drive was 225. 240 the longest. Not bad for a 62 year old.   cubdog
When I first saw the price I thought it was a bargain and a good value for all that it's capable of doing. cubdog
For me the look of the club head, as well as the feel,  is as important as the size. I used an early version of the Taylor Made Burner 460cc for years. It was, for me a great driver.  When it suffered a broken shaft I was eager to try the newer white version. Guess what? I hate it! I can't hit it straight to save my life. I don't like it's odd elongated head shape and it has no feel.   Eventually I switched to a Cleveland Classic. I love it's traditional head shape and...
I'm not a snake fan. For some reason they have always given me the creeps. I few years ago, we were playing a new course in the Denver area. We walked up to the first tee and right in the middle of the tee box was a rather large coiled rattle snake. Freaked me out! One of our foursome had a ball retriever and used that, extended to persuade the snake to move along. I stayed quite a long way out of harms way while this was going on. I wouldn't have touched that thing for...
I assume you still have a putter so putt, putt and putt some more.   cubdog
I'm really surprised so many of you go gloveless. I rarely see anyone play without one. I can't imagine that I'd ever play without one although I have tried it on the driving range. I get a much better grip playing with a glove. Without, I grip the club way to hard.   cubdog
New Posts  All Forums: