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Sorry to sound like a pig, but as a whole, this is the worst looking bunch of girls I've every seen on BB. Some strange teeth going on. I'm liking the co host anyway.   Hopefully the golf will be good and so far they've hit some pretty decent shots. I think it's time to retire the glass break but I doubt they will. Everyone seems to want to take a shot at it. Anyway here's hoping for a good season. It's still so damn cold in Illinois I have nothing better to do with my...
The Big Break gets a lot of criticism, here and elsewhere. Some of it is deserved but in the end the show is popular, long running, and a money maker for the Golf Channel. It has produced a PGA winner, a Solheim Cup team member, and counts some other pretty dependable pros as former participants. Despite it's flaws it's pretty good entertainment.   cubdog
That was the best part of the episode. I hit rewind just to watch Shannon's expression a second time. cubdog
A comment in support of the BB contestants. Over the years they have received a lot of criticism for their poor play which I believe is somewhat unfair. Given the nature of the show the golfers are never in a groove nor can they ever get properly warmed up. Then, under extreme pressure, the need to pull off great shots. The stakes for them are extremely high. Nothing like we might feel even at a club championship. Their potential livelihood is on the line. Every past...
How is it that Team Doleman and Team Rypien are the only teams without a strike?   cubdog
I lived in Denver for 23 years. I can relate to what your saying. I haven't hit a 300 yard drive since moving to sea level. cubdog
My "home" course sits on high ground and often has strong swirling winds. I've gotten pretty comfortable playing in those conditions although they are not my favorite. I see a lot of players try to out muscle the wind. I just take an extra club or two, or three, swing easy and try to lower my ball flight. If I'm playing decently I will score about the same as I do on calm days.   cubdog
I have no idea. A couple of weeks ago I played 9 holes. I hit 8 balls OB and shot a 63. Two days later I shot a 39-42 on the same course. I will say I have a very bad back and on days when it hurting worse than usual I tend to lose complete control of my swing. At least I can still play!   cubdog
I have to pull for Team Rice. My niece was Emily's teammate at the University of Colorado. Also, Emily seems to have embraced the team concept which might be helpful in this format.   cubdog
I had an implant put in my lower back in January. Prior to that I played in pain but with proper warm up, stretching and heat I was still able to play about 4 times a week. This was with the knowledge of my Dr. who said I couldn't do more damage to it from the golf. Anyone with back problems need to consult with their Dr. Believe me the surgery is only a last resort. BTW I'm back to my pre surgery handicap and have gained about 30 yards off the tee from last...
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