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This is funny for a couple of reasons. I lived in Denver for 23 years. Three is my favorite number. Before everything got shrink wrapped I would routinely take a the number 3 balls out of their boxes to make up a box of 12 threes. I never realized this was such common behavior among golfers. cubdog
Bottoms up!   cubdog
I'm still not sure what this is about. Obviously you don't like Dufner, nothing wrong with that, but why is he a tool for making a twitter comment? If as reported he was informed as to what was happening at the RC why can't he express his opinions like anyone else. Since, as you said it's not about TV then what is it about other than your dislike of Dufner? I'm not trying to pick a fight just trying to understand your POV. cubdog
I've always liked Sonders on the Golf Channel but quite frankly she was much more attractive, IMO, before all the cosmetic work.   cubdog
They commented on this on Morning Drive today. Apparently he kept up on what was happening even though he didn't watch it on TV. I can't see how this is an issue.   cubdog
Arrogant or not the US Ryder Cup team needs more players like Reed. Personally I like his attitude.   cubdog
I hate colored tees. Only natural for me. I'm also particular about my ball marker. I use an Irish coin, I'm of Irish descent,  minted the year I was born. I keep a backup in case I lose the current one. I'm not comfortable using anything else.   cubdog
It's driving me crazy too. But I only listen to the commentators for about an hour. Then, the TV sound gets muted and the stereo comes on. I don't need to be told what I can see anyway. cubdog
Reed has his critics but he seems to be a match play stud. He was a part of a National Championship team at Augusta State if I'm not mistaken. It will be interesting to see how his match play career plays out.   cubdog
I can't believe four people responded Korean.   cubdog
New Posts  All Forums: