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If there are good viable options to reach the green in regulation I'm ok with certain oddities. Sometimes because of bad course architecture, we can be left with poor, possible unfair, options. I guess it all boils down to good architecture vs. bad. I hate gimmicks for the sake being unusual.
The Tee It Forward distances seem very short to me. Especially for some women. At first that is. My wife, for example, only hits her driver about 140 yard although she is improving. Still not too bad given that she is 62. According to TIF she should play from around 3400 yards. Our forward tees are at 5000 yards and of course she has no chance of reaching most holes in regulation. Even the x28 figure would be right around 3900.   I'm going to discuss this with her and...
I usually try to play from the tees that will allow me to have a reasonable chance at reaching all holes in regulation. While this sounds good in theory it doesn't always work out that way. A lot depends on my back condition on any given day. My home course has three sets of tees where I play the middle white tees that measure just under 6200 yards. On an average day I hit my driver anywhere between 200 and 250 yards.
Yeah I heard that he's won a time or two. So why does he work on his head position of he's satisfied with it?
He is. I own a couple of Seemore putters including Zack's model. Very nice putters. I will say, in my experience, with the FGP if for whatever reason you're not making contact directly on the sweet spot it becomes difficult to control distance. That's why I think it might be a wind issue. Did you notice what he used today?
I'm surprised some of you guys never seem to lose a ball. I should say I'm impressed because I am. My home course has a reputation for being hard on golfers who are directionally challenged. Virtually every hole holds the potential for a lost ball. It's a fun course with a variety of interesting holes but you better be a straight hitter.
I was shocked to see that Zack Johnson was using a new putter. He has used a Seemore FGP model for years. In fact I can't remember him ever putting with anything else. I tried to get a look at what he was using yesterday but couldn't tell. I don't know if the wind had anything to do with the change or if it was for other reasons. Does anyone know what's up with the change?
Tiger needs to watch her head position.
Beautiful course. It looks like it would be a good walk. Can't wait for the USO.
I don't use them. I'd just loose them anyway. I do use a putter cover with certain putters. I don't hear anyone objecting to that. Well, I haven't read the entire thread so maybe I missed it.
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