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I agree. I was very surprised by this graph. I think the fact it only takes in account those with a legit handicap really skews the figures. cubdog
You sound bitter. Have a drink. Maybe you'll feel better. cubdog
I'm not sure why she gets so much criticism. Is it because of her looks or because she makes a living doing something that most of us would like to make a living at but aren't good enough to. By all reports she is one of the hardest working golfers on the LPGA. That can't be it. So I guess it is her looks. That's nice.   cubdog
I couldn't agree more! cubdog
Sorry, but I have no idea what you are trying to say. cubdog
Apparently not many here want to see the bigger picture. A par score, or the number of strokes taken per round has never been the issue. The bigger issue, is the fact that many older classic courses have become obsolete. Golf Digest just published their newest 100 greatest American courses for 2015-16. If I'm not mistaken Cypress Point was number three. Too bad it's a short course and will never again challenge the greatest players in a tournament setting. I'd love to see...
Just like with the long putter? cubdog
Yes the architect's intentions remain the same but those intentions are not being met. That's pretty clear. I'd love to hear a golf course architect weigh in on this. I'm sure it would be enlightening for those on both sides of the issue. cubdog
Correct and that changes the way the architect intended the hole to be played. If that doesn't bother you fine I have no problem with that. But I can almost guarantee you that it does bother the architects Why do you think so many courses get redesigned? It's primarily because those courses have become obsolete and need to be fixed. Obviously I can't change anyone's mind, and that's fine with me too. We'll just have to disagree on this one. cubdog
Again, it has nothing to do with the score. It's the fact that many courses were not designed to be played by guys hitting the ball 320 of the tees. These tee shots change the nature of the course to something the golf course architects never had in mind. When a par four hole that was designed to be played with say a driver/6 iron is now being played with a hybrid/wedge that's not the hole as it was designed. And that's the issue. It has nothing to do with a number on a...
New Posts  All Forums: