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well, you never know... they have the safety net of the media... look at Biden the last couple of days with his interviews, he was caught off guard because he's so used to catered interviews that station will now be blackballed by the Obama team
you'll be hard pressed with that price...
price bump?
I'm not saying I'm not going to vote for Obama because he isn't American but he can't produce a legal US birth certificate. His family in Kenya claims he was born there, which I do not believe is true but until he produces the legal document everything is fair game. This isn't a political issue... you catch someone on the border and they tell you they're American... "oh sorry, well if you say so then I trust you... go ahead"
until he provides the media and the public with a legal US birth certificate he is not an American and therefore not eligible to run for of the office of commander in chief. this is a pretty simple issue, a person with that kind of political power would not have to work hard to provide the document. I was a US citizen born abroad in Caracas, Venezuela. Being born on US territory in the city of Caracas I am eligible to run for president but I have legal documenation...
4th hole, uphill par 5... 500 plus yards, 30mph wind dead into the face. the hardest hole I have ever played. Driver, 3 wood, 3 wood, sand wedge, 2 putt, bogey
Had the pleasure of playing Sankaty Head Golf Club yesterday and I must say I was very impressed. I shot 99... course plays 6700 yards with 12-13 holes dead into the wind or coming HARD off the left. We saw 30MPH all day and it was some of the hardest golf I have ever played. It really kicked my ass. This course is an exclusive private club on Nantucket and is an adventure getting to. I read about this club in a small segment in golf digest about great one day golf...
I will always consider myself a true conservative republican. With that in mind I will be the first person who will criticize John McCain. Personally, I really admired the John McCain of eight years ago. I feel that throughout this election his main concern was to do whatever it took get elected. There are aspects of McCain that I disagree with and aspects that I admire. There is far to much ignorance on both sides. If you want to support someone you should have...
haha oh yeah... just pick up a beat to shit cameron on ebay, one where someone never used the headcover and just send it back, couple hundred bucks and you have a brand new putter personally I think the scotty custom shop is a joke, thats just me though there are better resources out there and in many cases somewhat cheaper
good luck getting a custom scotty, its just not going to happen. a custom would include a full fitting, maybe a custom neck weld, metal selection, finish selection, handstamps I'd have newport II, a naked sole, sound slot, weight on bumper, SCAM w/ a circle T in the cavity with snow 355 grams, aggressive milled face, 33.5inches, tour weight shaft, copper billet construction, TEI3 insert
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