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Thanks for the responses! Anybody else think the Nickent driver is any good? $50 is a ridiculously good price.  Thanks again!
Where are they on sale for $99? Thanks for the reply
My friend recently got married, and I'd like to buy him a new driver. He is a total beginner, and his driver is absolutely terrible. What do you guys suggest for a 6'3 beginner? His swing is very slow but I think it will get faster as he learns the game. I'd like to get him something nice without spending a ridiculous amount of money. Any help would be appreciated..
I have had 2 or 3 lessons in the past and I learned a lot. The only problem is I can't afford to take consistent lessons. It is free and easy to post videos on here, so why not? Most of the responses so far have been extremely helpful. There are a few obvious problems with my swing that I didn't notice until they were pointed out. I really don't care if anyone on here is "certified," I'm happy with the responses so far and I encourage more. Thanks!
Thank you to everyone who responded. I haven't really had any lessons so I am trying to pick things up as I go along. No that wasn't a Yuengling unfortunately... haha Here is a video from behind, hopefully I can get some more tips. Thanks again for the help.
yea it is armsy i need to work on that... im actually not that short, i wonder if i can hit further with proper hip movement... how can I work on that?
I can't seem to keep my head still on the downswing. Is there anything I can do to stop this? I know I will be able to hit it more consistently if my head stays in place. Other than that, are there any more problems you can see? thanks for any help.
unfortunately that isn't an option, but thank you for all of the responses so far
This is a video of my friend's swing at the range. He has only played once or twice and is a true beginner. He has been frequenting the range and would love any tips you guys might have. Please respond with any suggestions in relation to the video. Thanks!
Thank you! very helpful.. in response to number 2: I have been using my friends clubs, and he is a big guy... my clubs fit me better and I don't need to choke down on them, but for now thats all I have access to
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