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If this was true John Daly would be a lifer but is not.
I actually heard that also so i added a pre-shot routine doing that and it is helping me loosen up a bit and relaxing me on my swing. I have a tendency to  push the ball because i get so tight but since adding the waggle my shots go more on line of were I am aiming
Wow exciting ending so far! Bubba in the bunker , Vegas in the water and Phil missing the fairway to the left. going to be a close one.       EDIT: Great Win BUBBA!
I am the middle one but since I am really starting to take golf a little more serious I am going to try to get a little better knowing the rules. I was a weekend warrior up until last spring but since i have been really trying to study the swing I have gotten hooked on it and want to learn more and get better. My wife thinks I am a golf nerd know when I start talking golf.
I have to agree. I have been doing the classic version for a month now and before I started i could only do a 3/4 swing due to not being real flexible  and now I can can do a full swing. It does require more time during the week because most programs are 1 hour except for yoga which is 1 1/2 hours. its also a 6 day a week program with Optional 7 day Stretch  disc. Being Winter i am doing the 6 day and once golf season hits I will probably do 3-4 a week really focusing on...
I got a  new Callaway X 08 fairway 3 wood, Stack and Tilt DVD set, Shag bag, and a set of Tifosi Ventoux sunglasses. Just watched the first S&T video and already picked up some stuff i didn't total understand in the book so I can't wait till the snow melts to go to the driving range.
       wow its really different but looks pretty cool! 
I don't think it's a big deal and don't see much coming from it. It's made an interesting topic thought.
I like honesty and being that he is right and not pulling out the PC card makes me respect him more. If Rory was eligible for Rookie of the year he should have won it hands down with Fowler a distant second. I really think it was a PGA PR job because the Euro wore out the Americans this year.
1) Break 90 for the first time 2) Move my GIR up from 20% to 40% plus 3) Move my driving accuracy up to 50% (currently 30%) 4) Get lessons at Golf Evolution this July 5) Get fitted and purchase new irons
New Posts  All Forums: