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Leave it to the USGA to make a rule to allow one type of anchoring, Matt Kucher style, but not allow another, Keegan Bradley style. I do think it is pretty funny that this putter is being named "Metal-X Arm Lock Putter" though I would have liked "Metal-X Arm Anchored putter better.  
By the narrowest of margins Fred Couples should be in the golf Hall of Fame.   That narrowest of margins to me is "Boom Boom".   Fred "Boom Boom" Couples is loved by the fans and golf is entertainment and part of being a Hall of Famer is to be appreciated by the fans.   Mark O'Meara had a similar career but what nickname is he known by?   So, the voters got it right by the narrowest of margins is very appropriate.
Since, when can't you anchor any other club to your body if you want? If anchoring a club to your body is an advantage then do it. Golf like any other sport evolves with new techniques. Anchoring a putter is just a new technique. Just like the jump shot was to basketball. I guess you and Tiger Woods would want us to return to the two handed set shot in basketball also.
I'm going with Tiger Woods winning four tournaments and one will be a major.   The fields are so tough these days that winning more than that is nearly impossible.   The Masters and US Open will be Tiger's best chances of winning majors.   I'm pretty sure a lot of work is now being done on the short game and that is the missing piece for him and he knows it.
Haney has no business writing a book about his time as a coach with TIger Woods unless Woods gives him permission. He was an instructor and Woods was his student. That is a trust relationship that needs to be honored.
I like this discussion on the hips and stronger left side. Only when I do those two things do I hit the ball hard. The photo of Faldo at impact is terrific.
I vote no. Putting is the most unique part of golf. The argument suggesting it is an unfair advantage is silly. It is only valid if you are not allowed to use one while your opponents can. If everybody is allowed to use them then it is not an unfair advantage. The argument that it takes less skill to use is also really silly unless you are going to outlaw every putter other that the two sided flat bullseye. The argument about anchoring is also silly because the putter is...
The best ball markers are not the ones you buy, they are the ones you make. I have three favorites that we have made. A photo of Char and I at a laua in Hawaii, a shot of the kids on a boat, and a great photo of Autzen Stadium, where the Ducks rule the world. Sort of interesting, all my photo ball markers are of places away from the golf course. Wonder what that means???
I like your design it looks very nice. I really like the idea of alignment markers combined with a line on the golf ball. As long as people don't get silly about being to precised. In my case it would be point it right or left of the hole so I can remember which way the putt breaks.   For our Photo Ball Markers http://www.photoballmarker.com we put an alignment arrow on the back for two reason. One so people can use it or try it as an alignment marker and two to...
Well done and congrats. Looks like a chip in on #5. Nice shot.
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