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Today I played match play against my mate giving him 7 shots and also kept a record of my score. My day started off very badly and i was 5 over after 3. I followed this with 11 straight pars which was awesome. Finished 8 over par for a net 56. Some how i managed to loose my match 1 down despite playing one of my best rounds ever.
PW because you just can't mess up with it or so it seems
water or an energy drink called red rooster that is always going cheap in the pro shop
he might have a big drive but seeing as he is a 25 handicap he either doesn't keep it straight or has a terrible short game so it show long isn't always best but its nice to have
i have played for just under 6 months but unlike you, i have had a fair amount of lessons becuase as a junior at my golf club i get them free . In those 6 months my average scorehas dropped form 115 to around 92. So i would consider myself to have improved very quickly but i have the advantage of age and having lessons.
It sounds like you should keep swinging at 100% but maybe try using your 3-wood and see if gives you more accuracy and if i doesn't take a lesson or two or practice on the range a little bit more.
thats tough luck. If i were you i would of killed their delivery man
anybody with a handicap under 9 is a player in m opinion. And any with a handicap under 18 is nolonger a hacker
I love those taylormade smokes
i know for a fact that at my course they assigned it during a country wide professional 72 hole composition. They took an average of where they scored worst and assigned the hole ratings according to that. So that why hard holes for them seem easier to me and why par 3s are easy for them and hard me me
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