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Fun game! I enjoyed the variations of the different boards and the intro is hilarious!
Love the intro. Downloaded it right away. Looking forward to it filling my daily train time. 
Course Name: Limekiln Golf Club White Course Website: www.limegolf.com  Course Style: Parkland style, fairly wide open with a mixture of mounding, bunkers and trees.    Regular Tee Yardage / Rating / Slope:  3090 / 34.5 / 127 Regular Tee Average Score: 84   Forward Tee Yardage / Rating / Slope: 2789 / 33.9 / 121 Forward Tee Predicted Score (Aggressive Round): 76 Forward Tee Predicted Score (Conservative Round): 80
  That about sums it up. I can't speak to how many R11/Burner 2's they sold last night. I saw maybe 2 go out the door. I know that there were other unhappy customers in the crowd and that by the time I demoed the club the place had cleared out considerably (in 25 minutes).        
 I participated in the GG R11 Debut last night. I thought I would take a minute just to detail my experience.   I have attended GG promotional nights like this one in the past. They have always had nice incentives (prizes and food) and have always been reasonably well attended.   A golf buddy of mine and I decided to make our way out last night and grabbed a beer at a local pub before heading to the store.  We arrived at 11:30 to find three or four guys waiting...
I have a custom made Nakashima 2 Hybrid. Its 19* with a steel royal precision shaft speced at 5.5 (stiff) and a lamkin grip. The club had been in the bag for appx 5 rounds - very lightly used. Sitting in my closet now. I will let it go for $40. Let me know, Seth
Ping Vantage..Love the look and the features
Not married yet but girlfriend has gotten me the following over the last few years: Ping Hoofer vantage bag - In exactly the collors I wanted! Oddessey 2-Ball SRT Buschnell Pinseeker 1500 w/slope - which btw she says she knew WAY more about than any of the sales staff at Golfsmith....I guess I trained her well..ha Hopefully this trend will continue
Thanks Allin! I think I am going to take my hybrids to a clubfitter and see what they think. Hopefully he will be able to shed more light on the subject. I am really not looking for more distance so much as I am looking for consistant yardage gaps. I also feel like they will be a little more accurate and easier to hit. If anyone else has any experience with this I would love to hear more. Seth
I recently read an article by Tom Wishon regarding hybrids. The article made me think about the two Callaway Heavenwoods that are sitting in my closet because I can't seem to pure them the way I'd like. I have been forced to leave them out of the bag and have relied on a Adams I-Wood instead. I did a quick search and this was the closest thread I could find regarding my question. Keep in mind all my clubs are outfitted with Uniflex Steel shafts. After reading the...
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