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Just don't be surprised if the shaft of the driver in that box set snaps after 5 good whacks with it, or if you find yourself on the range and the guy working there has to use to loud speaker to tell everyone to stop hitting balls so you can go retrieve your 8 iron's head.  Been there done that and just trying to help others avoid the pitfalls I experienced in the frustrating beginning days of golf.  Just wanted to say there are lots of ways to put together a really good...
Welcome to the site and welcome back to the game.  You'll find that very few people here would ever give a thumbs up to any of those boxed sets from costco/dick's/golf galaxy.  The reason is simple, they are not good.  The game is hard enough as it is, and equipping yourself with shoddy equipment isn't going to do you any favors.  I got into the game as a college student and certainly didn't have the means to buy the best game improvement irons out there, so I did lots...
'Not sure if it was mentioned it, but I cannot stand the guy that waits for the green to clear on the second shot of every damn par 5 and tees of short part 4.  I have no problem with this if the person is actually good, but more likely than not, their justification for waiting is that they think they can hit a 300 yd drive or got 275 with their 3 wood or maybe hit one that far once on at a drving range, but not once in an actual round do they put it near the green. ...
Hey, just wondering why given his reven struggles with accuracy has TW not moved to a more forgiving bag setup? Wouldn't he benefit from having a set of VR Pro Combo's in his bag? I know he's been stubborn with new technology in the past like moving from steel to graphite in his driver and utilizing the big volume drivers, but doesn't it seem like he could get back some of his lost distance and accuracy by taking advantage of equimpent technology?
i can't speak about the cast versions, which i'm assuming your looking for info on, but i play the forged models and i love them. for a players iron, they are pretty forgiving and plenty long---but looking at the post above, those characteristics didn't pass to the cast version
why is your scotty grip bright pink?
just picked up bridgestone tour b330s dozen $27 at my LGS (local golf shop)
there is a bit of confusion out there as to what a "spine" is. the spine is defined as the plane that is least resistant to bending. when you load the shaft in a spine finder, it will rotate the the position that it is most comfortable bending in. this plane is called the NBP or natural bending plane. The spine is the plane that when loaded, the shaft won't return to the NBP. It will be 90 degrees from your NBP. at least that is how i've always understood it. if...
tp reds/black--i've been using the reds since i was about a 15. soft feeling but spin and distance comparable to prov1x. both balls are similar in distance, just depends on the individual's preference oh yeah, and they are cheap these days with the penta's out..25 bucks or less everywhere.
bogey golf is perfect range for a game improvement iron--i'd say get the r7's.
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