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i like the rust look too... i dont care about spin. i took an old cleveland chrome plated reg. 588 60* head to work and attempted to sandblast the head so it would rust... but the chrome didnt come off easily and now i'm left with a fugly club. that was a mistake. my next wedges will probably be the oil can finish.... may even buy used ones that are already rusty cause i'm too impatient to wait on it to wear off.
what about G5 irons?? i have a g5 3 iron that has the serial number stamped into the hosel(little dots from a stencil)... the 4-pw set i have has the serial numbers etched in there... almost laser-like. which is the way ping really marks their irons serial numbers??
your swing. if its a new superfast, i doubt the grip is worn down by now anyway....
i have a 60* that my buddy gave me that i use for practicing in my yard and at the range and chipping greens. (i just leave it in my 4runner, along with a 6 iron, for those days i feel like hitting the range after work) its actually a great wedge, it feels a bit harsher than my vokey 60* but i can basically hit the same shots with it. the chrome finish is surprisingly durable, i've probably hit it 2000 times and it's still fairly shiny with just a small dull area on the...
try cutting your current shaft down at the butt end before you reshaft it. worked for me. i have tons more control now, and i didnt actually give up much, if any distance.
yeah i have a swing plane thats in-between flat and upright... sort of a hogan-style swing, and i always get fitted for standard lie clubs... but i've played with red dot, black dot, blue dot, and green dot ping irons irons in the past, and the only time i noticed a difference was when i played my dad's greens. my 2nd set of irons is a set of black dot ping g5's that i wish were i5's. congrats on your boy's new irons, i hope he likes them. especially the 3 iron.
appreciate it buddy!!! that was a ton of help.
nope. i may can pull it up at work tomorrow morning. i'll give it a try then. appreciate the help
appreciate the link, my computer won't let me open the mizuno links on that page for some reason...
i have a couple questions about reshafting my 3 wood. (i'm going to do it myself) i broke my mizuno mp-001 3 wood a couple weeks ago when i pat my divot down, the head just popped off and the shaft was broken almost flush with the hosel, it just has a small triangular point sticking up where i assume the shaft first cracked. (no... i did not beat the club, it was actually a GREAT shot) whats the best way to get the remainder of the broken shaft out?? drill...
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