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x2. i ruined 3 out of the 8 grips i tried to remove. you're actually better off just buying new ones.
if you have one, pm me or post on here. appreciiate it
quite the opposite for me...
supposed to be released soon... i just saw in GD they were priced at 1500 bucks a set... how long you think untill the price goes down? or if it will??
the brand has been discontinued as far as i know, my old apex plus irons were the best ive ever hit. i would buy a brand new set of them today if they were still in production...
i wipe them down after every shot with a wet towel. i clean the irons with hot water and a brass brush after EVERY round, and the woods with a terry towel soaked in warm water. my woods have never seen a brush of any kind. i dont clean the grips, i just replace them every year. its kind of overboard yeah, but i store my clubs in the extra den, so they dont need to go in there dirty. (and i'm a bit ocd when it comes to dirty clubs, i will NOT hit a club with dirt...
thats what i do too. i never sell my clubs either. i'm getting excited for these new irons ping has coming out, i've always been loyal to the ping name, but after playing forged irons the last 2 years, i cant make myself go back to sgi irons... these anser forged irons *should* fit me nicely.
dang it i want a set of these..... will they ever be released in the US??
wore a black and hot pink trion:z bracelet for over a year for no reason other than i thought it looked cool... it did absolutely nothing for my golf game, or any other game for that matter. i just felt sexy cause i'm a super macho guy and i was wearing a pink bracelet.
have you tried the mp fli hi long irons?? i carry a 21* cut muscle fli hi and its actually quite easy to get the ball up in the air... took a few rounds to get used to the offset and wider sole, but once i did, it became a lethal weapon on tight par 4's.
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