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ive never seen a fivesome play a par 3 course.. didnt know they even allowed it... i dont like slow players as much as the next guy... but it gives me time to loosen up and go through my sequence before i tee off.. and im usually never in a hurry to finish, so i rarely complain about slow play unless the people in the front hit the ball 10 yards with every shot...
60 yard chip-in for birdie on a sidehill lie with the wind in my face. (it was just a lucky shot)
23 going on 24 here in a month.... started playing when i was 7 at the old par 3 course at skypark with my dad and kept playing every year till i was 18... then gave it up when i started college. however.. i got back into it about 2 months ago.. and boy it sure aint like riding a bycicle... still working on getting my swing back...
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