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the ones i bought in the sealed white box were new balls that havent been hit. not sure about yours.
as far as i know, they're just regular pro v1's with minor imperfections such as paint, lettering, etc. i bought a dozen from dicks last year, coupldnt tell a difference between them and the regular prov1's.
i played the isi-k versions for many many years (they're made from a different metal and are slightly larger than the becu versions) they're not near as forgiving as your g-10's and they hurt like heck on miss-hits, but they're very good clubs overall... i honestly wouldnt recommend playing them over your g10's, but if you like em that much then go for it.
hitting a draw and fade isnt that diffcult. i find it alot easier to hit a fade with my irons than to try and hit it straight. i almost always play every shot with my stance and clubface open. i have a natural draw (and a nasty snap-hook) so if i want it to draw i just swing my normal swing except a little flatter
anybody have any idea?? thoughts?? theories??
u sure they're not i-15's?? i concur on everybody's suggestion on lessons... or a video camera at the very least... i play g5's now because i dont have time to practice anymore with a high overtime job and a 5 month old baby... they're very forgiving and high launching but... i much prefer playing with my hogans. they may not be as forgiving, but the game was always more enjoyable when i had to hit a quality shot every time
i grew up playing a partial set of cut down spaulding executives, and a tom watson 56* i had no trouble with them.
sent pm....
does having a small dent on the crown of my driver affect the performance?? i'm asking because i played last week and teed the ball up too high and hit it fat. first time ive ever done that ( and yes i'm embarrassed)... i didnt try to hit it again during the round so i'm not sure if its actually damaged or not
i dont care how many clubs they carry.
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