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 Not me, but welcome to the site. Persimmons or not, it's the same game, stick around!  
In hindsight, you've gotta ask, could he have done something of the same thing with Tiger......?     "Hey Jesper, you know that hot nanny of yours......."     
And the 4th? Maybe your wife?
That's a good wife!  
 Yet another case of wanting to change the rules to accommodate someone's unwillingness to follow the simple rule that's already in place to prevent the situation described......
 You'll save more strokes with a putter, than with any other club in the bag?! Jeeez......next he's gonna say, "drive for show, putt for dough......" 
 Just because they can doesn't mean that they do.  Unless conditions dictate something different, they're going to prefer to play their stock shot, just like you and me. Their stock shot is just a helluva lot longer and a helluva lot more accurate as a rule. 
I drive the cart, but will always drop my buddy off first, even though he's longer than me and usually 30 yards further down.  He'll play while I go to my ball.  Kind of bassackwards, but it works for us.   17th hole, match all square.  He's 115 out and hits some little sand-wedge thang to 18 inches.  I'm watching from 137 yards trying to decide between the BIG 9-iron or the choked-down 8.  I hit the 9 and put it inside him to about 8 inches.  Took the wind right out of...
Good grief......penalized for THAT?!      Really? 
 Don't give up on that......I'm 56 and know exactly how those aches, pains, and stiff joints feel.  I'm also losing some strength and length, but that doesn't mean that you can't get around the course pretty well.  Certainly into the mid-single digits.....as you prove every time you break 80!  Keep at it!  
New Posts  All Forums: