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Not over yet. Either one is perfectly capable of throwing up a 75+ tomorrow!
No way Tiger's that stupid. I think...
And the best player of the 3!
Tiger and JD, how cool is that?! So what....pick 'em between the two of them?
Are you kidding me?!    Yay or nay?       http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/golf-devil-ball-golf/va--golfer-shoot-57-with-3-aces--including-2-on-par-4s-133851416-golf.html     Va. golfer shoot 57 with 3 aces, including 2 on par 4s         If someone told you they shot 57 for a round of golf, there are two natural reactions: 1. Facetiously ask, "Was that for nine holes?" and then laugh; 2. Slap them in the face and call them a...
I can't even guess, but I know that I'm going to enjoy watching them both over the next 20+ years!
I wouldn't want him to practice on me....
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