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Alright, just saw Tiger's press conference. He opens by saying, "I'm just doing this so I don't get fined...!" That's funny and classy. Good for him. Damn.....I could start to like him if he keeps that up!
 Just doubled 4.  Now in last by himself..... 
 Yeah....given the circumstances, no one would have been happy with my mutterings either!
 Not really.  A pretty poor sand shot by any reasonable standard.  Made a nice putt, but he was lucky that wasn't another bogey.  Bubba must not have gotten the memo.  He's throwing visors into the stands on 16....!  
Someone had better put Colin on suicide watch!
Coming on now.....   Tiger +1 thru 4......including a par at the par-5 13th that he eagled yesterday.
Anyone know what's going on with the live streaming?  Was supposed to start at 10:30 est, then bumped to 10:45, and now it's 11:00......
Welcome to the site, and back to the madness.... Keep at it, and stick around!
 Also allows you to book a time even if the golf shop is closed.....  I probably book 80% of my times in the off-hours.
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