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Because people will buy them.
Unless you're leaving your iron covers on while playing your shot, they do nothing to keep the irons clean.. They can however promote rust by trapping moisture.
Saying that the video is inconclusive is not "on the fence".I voted that the video is inconclusive (no one could possibly claim otherwise if they understand the definition of grounding your club) and given the rest if the body of evidence, am comfortable that he did not do so.
Still BS. Pace of play doesn't suffer at all as long as you play a provisional as appropriate......
Please multi-quote.....
Not from me.
Video is inconclusive and Ernie says he didn't ground the club. Nothing more to say.....
Mine matches pretty well. Measured swing speed 102ish and all but the driver are awfully close. My driver carry is probably 5-10 yards short, but that's my poor contact and aoa, not the chart.....
Come back when you've read through the entire thread.........where your questions have been answered several times.
I like it. Love match play.
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