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Have you tried bending the rubber eye cup down? That's what it's for and will generally help when wearing glasses.Big hands I can't help. I've got dinkie little girl hands myself!
Huh....And I know we both use the same rangefinder.....and I always wear a hat along with the glasses too. What is it that causes you to be unable to use it?
I always wear sunglasses. If you're asking if there's any problem viewing with the offset from the eyepiece glasses provide, the answer is no. If you're asking if you can focus the eyepiece to account for less than perfect vision, the answer is yes.Either way, wearing glasses posses no problem whatsoever.
 The only thing worse than having been taken advantage of, is knowing that you allowed it to happen and could have easily prevented it. Been there, done that.  Only once though......you don't make that particular mistake again! 
Now that's just mean funny!
 Shhhhhhhh........ ........it's a secret!
  .....so obvious that you're the only one that thought it was a secret!
  While the rules say that a mark should be placed directly behind the ball, they do not require it. Decision 20-1/19  20-1/19Placing Object Marking Position of Ball Other Than Behind Ball Q.When marking the position of a ball, must the ball-marker be placed behind the ball, or may it also be placed to the side of or in front of the ball? A.There is no restriction. However, if a player positions his ball-marker in front of the ball on the putting green and in the process...
 LOL.  You'd think that I'd have more laying around than I do!  Sadly I do lose a ball.....I'm not sure, maybe once every other round on average?  I've been known to catch a cart path, a tree, or something else to scuff one too.  I put a new ball into play at the beginning of the round.  If I don't lose a ball, and it's not scuffed from a cart path or some such thing, it goes into the bag.  I keep 6 or 8 clean "one round balls" in the bag.  If I lose a ball, I pull from...
 That didn't answer my question.......especially as it relates to the use of high-speed video. If observation is worthwhile, why wouldn't it be equally worthwhile to be able to "observe" in the greatest detail possible?  Do you really believe that you can capture and retain every nuance of a swing that happens in less than 2 seconds by watching?  That you can capture and retain the subtle differences in multiple swings from the same individual throughout the course of a...
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