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Very cool.  I hope it's televised!
It really shouldn't affect your index much, if any. With a course hcp of 10-19, your ESC is 7 on any given hole. Unless you're the most wildly inconsistent 10 hcp in the world, you just don't have many 8's or higher to adjust down. Of those that you do have, fewer yet will be found in your low 10 of your last 20 scores. I'd be surprised if your index changes more than a tenth or two. Honestly, I wouldn't worry much about it and just post correctly going forward.
Can play? 2-iron. Choose to play? 5-iron. Hybrids are so easy to hit higher and longer that I just can't justify carrying a long iron any more!
But you need clubs in order to play golf, and the discussion was about the supposed high cost of playing golf.....
And Steinmart! Complaining that golf equipment is too expensive because some drivers cost $400 is like complaining that cars are too expensive because a Mercedes S600 costs $200k.I can buy a very serviceable car for $5k, and can build a very serviceable set of clubs for a few hundred dollars. Too many people confuse what they want with what they need.
Interestingly, I was in our local SA yesterday. They've just remodeled the store and have cut the golf section in about half. The hitting bay and putting green have been removed, and their selection and inventory of clubs, balls, and shoes has been dramatically reduced. The whole "feel" of the entire store was decidedly down-scale.
My high what?
You're absolutely right. The sentence would sound something like.... "Who's the greatest golfer of all time, Jack or Rory?"No mention of Tiger at all.
Count me as another one that didn't even know that Dick's employed PGA pros.....
I have a small, cloth bag that's no more than 2x3 inches.....I think a spare pair of Oakley lenses came in it. I keep my repair tool and my ball markers in it. My wedding band goes in it while I'm playing. It stays in a dedicated pocket in my bag along with my tees. Always easy to find.
New Posts  All Forums: