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Huh...Well, thanks for that, ahem....insight.
Damn, how'd I miss that?! Thanks for being such a great part of the community! 9 posts per day for over 3 years.....
The last of the silly season. Meh....
Given the tournament sponsorship money, the number and relative proximity of tour quality courses, and the necessary infrastructure to support the tour, I'd say nope.
Me too.I play one course with an island green with a drop zone, but even on that course, there are 2 other par-3's that require you to carry significant WH's that do not. I just don't run into them that often.
Your options....26-1. Relief for Ball in Water HazardIt is a question of fact whether a ball that has not been found after having been struck toward a water hazard is in the hazard. In the absence of knowledge or virtual certainty that a ball struck toward a water hazard, but not found, is in the hazard, the player must proceed under Rule 27-1.If a ball is found in a water hazard or if it is known or virtually certain that a ball that has not been found is in the water...
When I first started caddying....waaaay too long ago to admit, the first thing I was taught was to always carry a full sized bath towel, about a third of which is kept wet. Every club is wiped off after every shot. I've done so ever since.
I can't see anything either....Time to just go play golf!
Funny and true, but I'm an outlier. I'm the older guy trying desperately to stretch a bit and loosen up the creaky joints before teeing off for an actual round of golf in 15 minutes. Bonus points if I get to roll a half dozen lag putts on a practice green that even remotely resembles what I'll find on the course!
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