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 Interesting.  My own doctor and 3 other close physician buddies all say that we're ill-prepared should Ebola get a foothold in the U.S.  Seems as if even the docs can't agree.  Given that, I'll continue to err on the side of caution. They do however agree that most mainstream media is almost universally irresponsible.     It's also worth mentioning that by comparison, enterovirus has a very low mortality rate, whereas ebola is extremely high. 
All well and good, but this is a "rules of golf" sub-forum and the OP in particular asked a specific question about the rules of golf. The correct answer from a "rules of golf" perspective remains, he may take whatever line he chooses. All that matters is where the ball ends up.
Interestingly, Great Britain continues to have far greater restrictions than we do.
Unfortunately, the "moron" is playing completely within the rules.The only answer is for the course to place something in the way such that it's impossible to take a line directly at the green.....
As long as Americans are being killed somewhere other than "in America", you're good with it?
Yeah. Sometimes I disappoint myself too!
 I'm gonna hate myself for asking, but why?! 
 The body may be "accustomed" to its own weight, but that doesn't mean that athletic performance doesn't suffer if you're overweight.  I'd also argue that just because someone gains weight, there's not necessarily an increase in muscle mass.  If only.....in fact, as we age, the opposite it true.  Sadly, we tend to gain fat and lose muscle. Arm weight alone notwithstanding, as with most athletic endeavors, I'd suspect that most people would play their best golf with more...
Huh. Don't care. Really, I just don't care.
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