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Sounds similar to my GolfNow experience....At least they're consistent.....
I almost commented on no vice. Kids, don't try that at home!
Yeah, I never played in any senior flights, even though I could have. Usually, there just weren't enough seniors, even in a pretty well attended tournament to make it worthwhile.
Beautiful build. Well done!
Pretty much this ^^^^^.I will add to replace your driver/FW/hybrid head covers after every shot or contact with other clubs will tend to chip the finish. I also wipe each club with a wet towel after each shot on the course, or when finished with it on the range.And no, iron covers are NOT needed, nor recommended!
I started this thread last year as I prepared for the local county senior amateur tourney. They're playing that tournament earlier this year, and I just sent in my entry. Played pretty mediocre last year.....4th in the A-flight, if I remember right. I hope to do a little better this year. Results to follow....
And 105th and 85th in strokes gained putting!!!
And he buries it!
Paddy dumps it on 17!
Holy crap, Poulter blowing it out his butt on 14. He'll be lucky to make triple!
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