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5+. I've owned 4 different sets of irons since 1984. Hogan Edge, Lynx Parrallax, Titleist 962 DCI's and my current 695's that have been in the bag close to 5 years now. I'm not an equipment/gadget freak. I like the irons that I have, that's why I bought them in the first place. When I buy new ones it will likely be because of a need based on getting older, rather than simply wanting something newer/sexier....
I'll leave the "words of wisdom" with respect to instruction to those qualified to give them.I DO, however want to welcome you to the site and encourage you to stick around. You obviously have a lot of experience to share. I'd also offer that there's more to scoring well than just swing mechanics, and that you just might pick up some other scoring opportunities as you search for that right instructor too.
What the hell happened? I just tuned in, am supposedly watching it live, but it's over? Did they put them out early, in 3-somes to beat the weather but TV is delayed?
90% of the time it's either my PW or 56* SW. My buddies laugh at me though, because I'll usually bring all 4 wedges and sometimes ab 8-iron with me. Better to have the clubs and not need them than to not have the right club and either play a shot that I'd rather not, or waste time going back of the right club....
28 on the back. That's the equivalent of 8 3's and a 4!
@Iacas is right, of course. But how are you determining your handicap?If you're using the most popular, USGA GHIN system, you will have the ability to see every score and differential posted and it will tell you exactly your scoring average for your last 20 rounds.
Pro V1, B330 RXS, Srixon Zstar The Srixon is a tremendous value.
Nah. You know that I luv you man!
That's too funny. Maybe nobody will notice......
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