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Those are a couple of pretty good rounds for right out if the gate after the winter you guys have had!Glad you had fun. We get down to Cancun every now and then. Look forward to hearing how you liked RCGC. I've heard good things, but have never played it. Any chance you'll get to play Mayakoba?
 Did they remove the rough as a redesign for these two championships?
 Wanna bet? Though I doubt anyone will have the cojones to admit it......
 The bitch!
Am I understanding right?  Because the women will be playing the following week, they will not be growing rough like they ordinarily would?   Please tell me that's not the case......
Yep, my first day around here. Brand new to the game of golf too.  Except that it's been demonstrated many, many times that putting has less affect on someone's ability to score than just about any other aspect of the game. Your 22 hcp golfer isn't that much worse on the greens than you, me, or the club champion.....and he generally putts better on faster greens, just as we do. Of course, the speed of the greens cannot be inappropriate for their design, but that's not what...
Yep. It is....See above......it's their club. Who are you to "question the value system" of the membership of a club you're not a member of? If you disagree with how they run their club, don't join it.a). How would you know what the "average member" at any particular private club can or cannot handle?b) Why would you care?Slow golfers cause slow play. Not fast greens.
Just my USGA tag and one from Augusta National from a Masters practice round back in 2002. I've probably had and subsequently thrown away 50 of the damn things over the years though.
True. But really, where's the harm? Either to an individual like the OP, or to the course?Ah well, as you said, different strokes......
I gotta ask. With all the contentious issues that can crop up out on the course, hammering a tee into the ground is your biggest hot button?! For me, slow play and not caring for the course.
New Posts  All Forums: