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Huh. Don't care. Really, I just don't care.
Thoughts and prayers......
 Nice shot! Now.....did you make the putt?!   
Welcome to the site.....   .....and to the madness!   
Here's the whole episode.   http://www.golfchannel.com/news/grill-room/caddy-girls-shark-tank-more-they-bargained/
Yep, and yet the vast majority of them still hit their stock shot almost all the time.Probably tells the rest of us that "working" the ball is something we should usually avoid unless we need it to recover from a prior bad shot. Even then, for a lot of us schlubs, it's also a pretty good way to follow that bad shot with a dumb one trying to do more than we should.
You'd have thought that a good caddy would've given him that info!
I was fortunate enough to play a round with Graeme McDowell about a year ago. A tight, tree-lined course down here, just like you describe. He hit a 5 yard draw on EVERY shot. Including shots that I would have thought "called" for something else. He shot 63, and never really made a putt....These guys OWN their stock shot.
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