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 That's a tough course!  Who was your partner....anyone I know?
 The courses that you're playing (like the ones I recommended in your earlier thread) here in Orlando won't mind at all....  Most of them have a very relaxed, bordering non-existent, dress code.
 Defensive PI......he got mugged.  Penalty declined.
I am not a Giants fan, but anyone not watching this game tonight missed what may very well be the single greatest catch in the history of football by Odell Beckham! Wow.....just wow!
Someone who presumably knows a lot about golf, and the swing, watches you for well over an hour, compliments your swing, and then proposes a match and bet? Uh oh.... To answer the question though, all I get from my warm up is a general feel for how I'm feeling physically. Any soreness or stiffness that might affect my game. Other than that, I just haven't found a lot of correlation between how I hit 20 or so warm up balls and my actual play for the day.
Fast players in carts are faster than the same players walking....period. Simple time and distance.Slow players are slower than fast players, regardless of how they each get from point A to point B.
Nothing drives me crazier than 2 carts and 4 guys clustered around one knucklehead to watch him play his shot!
Not really.It's not really about "need". It's simply a mindset. Move directly to your ball, and play as soon as you safely can. Except to ensure that you're not in the way of someone behind you, play without regard to their location. Often a player further up will play while someone else is looking for a ball or otherwise genuinely delayed for a few minutes. They'll catch up....or in a cart, you can circle back and get them. Unless they're waiting on the group ahead...
Not really. Ready golf generally means that the first person ready to play their shot should do so, without regard to the normal honor or position on the hole.
Good to have you! Gotta ask though....given your goal, why Denver, rather than someplace where you can play/practice year 'round?
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