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 We're hard as a rock down here after a winter of little rain.  No problems at all with the grind or the bounce on my 60*.  I didn't think they made the 56* in K grind, that's why I got the F grind for that wedge......
 No, but I have no problem and all opening it up.  It's also great out of the sand. I'll tell you.....they are SPINNY too.  I just throw pitches at the pin and they stop.  I can actually back up a pitch from as little as 15 yards or so if I really go at it.
 Sweet!  What'd you shoot?
I just put two new SM-5's in the bag, replacing my older spin-milled 56/14 and 58/08 with a 56/14 F grind and a 60/11 K grind.  Both chrome.  I absolutely LOVE them both, especially the wide K grind.  I also really like that we're starting to see some higher bounces in the lob wedges.   They have a lot of great options with bounce and grind now, so it's worth spending a little time with them to see what works best for you.
Eden house provides bikes to their guests.....
No wonder women have no concept of scale. You wouldn't believe what my wife thinks 9 inches is!
Crud. I thought this was gonna be a thread about old guys like me that hit it further than they can see.
I didn't get "golf" pencil.....just saw pencil.Regardless, it sounds like you got exactly what you were aiming for, and that's what matters.Looking forward to reading the book!
 Me too.  I prefer the emphasis on the word "Wins", rather than "Lowest". Honestly though, neither really screams "golf related" to me without having to actually read the cover itself.
  Your friend has an interesting outlook.  For your sake, I hope he plays for money!   I hit driver on a par-3 last week.  209 dead into a big wind.  Hit it to 8 feet.  Missed the putt...... 
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