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I also disagree.   First of all, the vast majority of those "poor swings that have to be rectified" will, in all honesty, never be rectified.  Second, people play golf because they enjoy the game now.  Do some/most want to improve?  Sure.  But, as @iacas has often said, even relatively poor players have surprisingly consistent swings.   Having the proper equipment now will maximize their enjoyment of the game and help keep them engaged in the game.  Why in the world...
Too many to list. I promise.....never a problem.
+1.Love mine. Also like that they use a AAA battery instead of having to be charged. I carry a spare battery in the case and know that I'll never find myself out of juice.
No problem at all.
Right and right.
No.4 hours would be a fast round at Disney this time of year, and to be safe, I'd want 5 hours before sunset, which is 5:30 right now. I'd shoot for 12:30 and wouldn't consider anything after 1:00......
Celebration is good. Magnolia is better. OCN is best. All in my opinion for whatever it's worth.
I agree with every word. We've finally gotten rid of most of the silly season nonsense. Let's keep it that way!
Yep, I'm not a huge fan of FF. Just ok for the money and can get sloppy if there's been any rain. Magnolia at Disney is a pretty good track, better than FF in my opinion and will be in great shape. The other alternative that I'll always recommend is Orange County National. Less than 30 minutes from Disney. 2 courses, always in great shape with spectacular greens and a fantastic facility. Panther Lakes is the top choice of the two courses, but just barely, they're...
For me, keys one and two primarily. I tend to move around a LOT in my swing. I compensate pretty well with good hand/eye coordination, but I know that I have a lot of opportunity to gain consistency if I just calm down my happy feet.
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