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Nah, I find that it tastes more like spotted owl.....
Yeah, me too.Could be anything from a complete disaster, to multiple wins and a major.Sorry @colin007, I'm pulling for the former! Won't be surprised by the latter though....
Not quite....they're spending Monday working in the hope of getting to work the next weekend!
 Me neither!
I'd certainly try it......and would absolutely choose it over a natural course in poor condition.     Jury is out as to whether I'd opt to play there instead of a natural course during good playing conditions.  Turf guaranteed against fading for 15 years......given the cost, that's still an awfully expensive potential re-do every 15-20 years.  I'd love to see the whole business plan....
 It's better than 39/50.      Played a course I hadn't played in awhile yesterday, as they've recently completely replace all their greens.  Very pleased with the new greens and overall  course conditions.....definitely a stop for @MacDutch and his merry little group next year! 6,550 yards.  71,2/122, par 72. 80 with a double on 10 and some very mediocre putting that did not reflect the high quality of the new greens at all....
Of course highly competitive golfers need not be offensive.  Just as relatively unskilled golfers need not be slow or lacking in etiquette.   FWIW, I also know many golfers who are highly competitive, but carry fairly high handicaps.  You don't need to be good, to want to beat the snot out of your buddies.
 You mean, outside of calling in an exterminator to get rid of the damn mice?!   
HOLY CHIT!  Good for him.....there's hope for me yet!   That's the neat thing about golf....you can play it until you can no longer get out of bed.  
Sounds like a fun day. More for you than for him though..... Do you have any info on the pre-qualifier? What did it take just to get to the actual qualifier?
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