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 Congratulations Drew!!!!    And congratulations @butt3r3dt0ast, with an amazingly close guess of today at 14:12 edt.....  Only 48 minutes off! PM me your address, and I'll get your prize in the mail! 
 He gets a pass, he's old.  Poor circulation.  Still looks like a doof though. 
The definition of a "gimme"..... "An agreement between two golfers, neither of whom putt very well...."   
 I can't remember the last time anything THIS exciting has happened around here!   
 I prefer, historically accurate.  
 Marvelous......simply marvelous!  
  I was thinking the exact same thing every time they mentioned it while I was watching the actual golf.......
Right club   =   Terrible shot
 And of course, let's not even get started on the use of iron covers!  
 Not to get OT, but when the hell did "albatross" come into vogue?  Fairly recently.  It was always double eagle back in the day......then someone got the weird idea that it needed it's own unique bird.
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