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I rarely practice. The closest to practice I get is a little 9 hole walking course that I can get on for about $7 which is about the price of a large bucket at the range. I generally hit multiple balls when I play there so I consider it a practice round. I drop balls off the green and practive chipping, etc.
My dad always played while I was growing up, but I was too busy playing "real" sports at the time like football, basketball and baseball. Got to college took a golf class for an easy A to get my gpa up and keep my scholarship and just kept on playing after that. Now every holiday I go home it's pretty easy to spend 4hrs alone with dad. Side note...golf is probably the hardest sport for me to play b/c you actually have to have some skill and knowledge of the game...no...
Hit a bunch and see which feels best to you. Grab some you weren't even considering...may surprise you.
I got a Titleist 909D3 9.5* w/ Adila VooDoo stiff shaft. Also, got a Scotty Cameron ball tool and pivot tool. A dozen ProV1's. Got a couple bucks too. Might pick up something else. Oh and a round of golf with my dad on Christmas morning.....beat him for the first time in a yr or two. Merry Christmas to me.
I normally bring out some Crystal Light and then refill with water.
Played yesterday in shorts and a polo. It's painful in August though!
I normally switch to my hybrid. Normally if my driver is off the 3-wood tends to follow suit.
condom shot - didn't feel right, but safe Kate Moss - hit it thin George Bush - can't get out of the sand
Really short 266 yd par 4. Pretty good tee shot that faded a little on me and ended up just past pin high to the right of the green about 7yds or so off. Green was elevated so had to chip up with no bump and run available. Grabbed the trusty 60* caught it fat, hit just short of the green and rolled back to about 18" to the left of where I was previously. Get a little upset, but still feel ok step up to it again and hit the same chip with the ball rolling back to about 2...
Golfer.....Do you think I can get it there with a 5-iron? Caddy............Eventually.....
New Posts  All Forums: