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- Line up - Feel as though my forearms and hands are one piece - Look up and attempt to gauge the distance - Hit it
- line up behind ball - tee ball to correct height - make sure setup is correct - reduce grip pressure - swing
Limited Edition Wilson Staff FG59s. Harks back to the old days and are probably brutally unforgiving but you have to admit they are pretty to look at... http://www.golfonline.co.uk/wilson-s...ft-p-4333.html http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/WILSON-STAFF-f...08151310a31810
Pretty much one to two inches behind the left heel for every shot. Main reason is for sheer simplicity and so I don't have to worry about how far back or forward the ball is for every single shot.
52.8, 56.10, 60.4 is my standard set but I sometimes switch these for higher bounce wedges if the conditions demand it.
http://www.capitalgolfclub.com.au/mgafeatures1.html I know its a bit far but hey you asked. LOL Note - its a lot bigger than what what the pictures appear to depict.
Used to hit a draw but found that when my swing went awry the ball went absolutely everywhere. Hence, I've switched over to a stock fade (but I can still draw the ball when required).
I caved in the face of my 980F early last year (hitting range balls - you could actually see a chunk of the ball lodged in the face where it gave in. LOL). Surprisingly, they replaced it with a 906F2!
Silly how companies have different designations for the same thing. I think F represents firm which is the same as being between regular and stiff.
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