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This should be funny... I think mine was about 1 foot?
Ummm.... Get the following message when I try to open it, "This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request."
Not quite that easy but I think you know what I'm getting at? These people I'm talking about actually walked around the golf course for the first time in their lives (never been to the range or hit any clubs whatsoever) and scored in the low eighties for their first few rounds... Mind you the sports that they played also bore some resemblance to the game of golf (they were professional 'cricketers').
I only play about once or twice a month. Used to get really annoyed by slower players and at one point thought about taking a yoga pose (sit down with legs behind head and hands in front) to subtly send them the message to speed up a bit. The last few times I've played though I've brought a book or iPod to pass the time. Amazing how much you can get through while waiting. Helps to keep the aggravation level down as well.
I think that this is just an issue of sematics. If I recall correctly, Nicklaus used to interchange his thinking from right/left depending on what felt best at the time...
I think it really depends on the mat itself. A lot of the time the ones that I see in stores are really bad imitations of a green surface on some type of foam which reacts nothing like a real green. On the other hand, g-funk seems to have found something seriously cool...
If your long game is fairly solid you could always try chipping and putting your way around the house to chair/table legs.
You should also recheck your posture. A lot of the time I find that when I am too stooped over it leads to inconsistent/fat contact.
Another thing you could try is to simply grip down on the club. A lot of the time I think amateurs just have trouble dealing with the length of the club.
Other thing you could try is to reduce your spinal tilt away from the target and attempting to reduce the amount of head movement backward on the downswing. In both cases, both moves can increase launch angle and inside out swing path but sometimes this can be taken to extremes which can lead to a push.
New Posts  All Forums: