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Bad wording... Meant minimalisation of weight shift and timing.
I've actually known of professional sportspeople who had good eye co-ordination who were close to doing this in a few years. All you need to do is hit the ball reasonably straight with good distance control, have a decent short game and be able to think your way around the course.
You could always try getting a laser pointer... In fact, some electronic putting trainers have these built in now. Other thing you could try is the old string line or using mirrors to help with alignment. I've even known of people that 'putt' their way around the house by keeping the ball running parallel to the wall.
When my full swing goes awry I either: - go all out in an attempt to get as close to the hole as possible - revert to a 3/4 swing Makes life so much easier when a lot of the timing and weight shift is taken out of the golf swing.
From what I've seen they launch high but then flatten out and penetrate. Feel is also drastically different from other shafts so I suggest you try them before you buy them...
http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthr...am+foursome%22 We seem to be going around and around. LOL
Not quite sure what to make of this... LOL
Mirror is a good and cheap method of working out where your inconsistencies are if you don't have the resources/access to a camera. You could also try spending time on indoor launch monitors. It may take time to find an accurate/decent one though...
Stock shot has ball about one inch behind left heel for irons/wedges and at the left hell for driver.
I just let my core rotate and let the thing 'drop' basically for longer shots. For shorter shots though, I like to feel as though my shoulders/arms are controlling the shot. The wrists/hands stay out of it.
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