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Most of the time, I find that the worse people's setups/swings are the more 'flippy' they have to get during the swing (because they have to subconciously square the clubface with their hands due to a faulty swing). If this is not the case though then there's probably one drill you'd really like. I call it the disconnect/reconnect drill. Basically feel as though the butt head is connected to your core during setup. Take it back (which should naturally lead to a...
One easy way to demonstrate the feel of what true lag feels like is to wrap a towel around your clubhead and then attempt to swing it. Due to the weight the clubhead should feel as though it is stuck behind your hands/wrists. All you have to do thereafter is to replicate this feel while using a unweighted club. Another way is to simply do it in slow motion, Finally, another way (this is dependent on your hand/wrist strength) is to swing using just your left hand...
Good size is about the size of a 'dollar bill' according to Tiger Woods. Yes, size of divot does matter. In general, if you try and hit bigger divots you'll lose some distance control. If you hit smaller divots though, you're basically giving yourself a smaller margin for error.
It really depends on what type of 'release' your instructer is after. In any case, you never know. He may simply be trying to ingrain the feeling of 'chasing' after the ball in order to give you the feeling of hitting ball first. I know of a lot of teaching professionals who teach their students to punch the ball first (like your instructor is going with you) in order to demonstrate this concept.Also, you never know what type of shot people are hitting in these videos....
Could be that you're just out of sync. i.e. your lower body is just miles ahead of your upper body which means that you're coming from too far inside which obviously results in a block.
It basically means to take a divot after contacting the ball. Hopefully, this video should explain what I'm talking about.
Normally hit my lob wedge 80 yards. I rarely use it over distance though and it pretty much stays in the bag for full shots.
Not too bad, but can be somewhat basic. It's pretty much Leadbetter's equivalent of Hogan's Five Fundamentals with the addition of swing analysis software. Would probably appeal to the intermediate player much more than the advanced player. To get the most out of the software you'll probably have to use the swing analysis software which provides a set of solutions for common swing issues.
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