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How do you stop the cables from getting tangled up while swinging?
Interlock. Hands are just too small for me to grip the club properly using an overlapping grip and ten finger grip just feels awkward.
Tempo seems very similar to Ernie,
Depends on the type of shot you'd like to hit. More wrist cock, steeper angle of attack, ball forward = higher. Less wrist cock, shallow angle of attack, ball further back = lower.
Coke isn't going to remove too much of the chrome. You'll probably end up with a rather clean (but sticky) wedge. Removing chrome involves some pretty very un human friendly chemicals and also noxious fumes. Its not something you want to try unless you have a large, well ventilated space. If you want to refinish you could try some of the techiques mentioned in this thread, http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthr...hlight=vinegar Otherwise, you could also try 'flaming' it....
I know of someone who had a 905R which had the 'acoustic plug' fall out. Apparently, it improved the sound quite a bit. Could try that if you're desperate. Would probably void the warranty though... Apparently, some other people have tried removing it deliberately with some success, http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/lofive...hp/t28877.html
My three wood gets swapped for a low lofted hybrid when the conditions suit (Three wood goes in when it is needed off the tee while a low lofted hybrid goes in when its needed off the deck.).
Agreed. Its just too hard to explain things across the Internet and its clear that you're misinterpreting some of our suggestions.
Here's a collection of some of my notes, http://dtbnguyen.googlepages.com/Creating-Spin-1.01.pdf Shot looks good but there's a time and situation for everything...
If you're really cheap then you could always go with an old bed spread, mattress, or rug. Funnily enough, they're often sturdier than the specialised mets that you buy in golf stores...
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