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Good way to get an idea of what you're in for is to go to one of the introductory clubmaking schools at Golfworks, http://www.golfworks.com/article.asp_Q_ai_E_12 or http://www.golfsmith.com/cm/?PHPSESS...a71ee510758af3. If you do a search of GolfWRX then there are a few threads on the equipment that is required/needed to get started in clubmaking. http://www.hirekogolf.com/, http://www.wishongolf.com/twforum/, https://www.proclubmakers.org/,...
One of the major designers of Rifle went to FST after TT/Rifle merged. I hear they're making some good products now, http://www.fstshafts.com/ Also Aerotech have steel fibre shafts (instead of shafts being extruded steel fibres are wound until they produce a complete shaft), http://www.aerotechgolfshafts.com/ They're supposedly also very good even even though they seem to have problems with consistency, http://www.golftodaymagazine.com/view.php?I=133
http://www.blackoxideservice.com/ You can also have them flamed or blued. Only problem is that in all cases the finish is not very durable and is very likely to wear away...
I've always found the Slighngshots to be insanely easy to hit... Its horses for courses though. Go to a demo day/fitting session and see what works for you.
No idea... but there does seem to have been some witnesses, http://sports.espn.go.com/golf/news/story?id=2881134 Then again you have this, http://www.golfdigest.com/magazine/2...1kindred_gagne
My guess is that you're either too stiff (softer hands will really allow you to accelerate through the ball and generate more spin), or that even though you may not feel it you are shifting weight around... How do I know? I recently had this problem. Reading back over my notes and some other articles helped to remind me of the fundamentals of generating spin though...
Tiger Woods effect most likely... Seems as though whatever he seems to do other people tend to mimic.
Name is "Tommy Two Gloves" (or something along those lines ) Anyway, am a manic sweater so put one on whenever I have a shot (except when putting and chipping).
As nykfan4life has said you have to get the oil off before it will naturally or artificially. Coke or Vinegar (light acids) should work, and then the salt water acts as a catalyst for the rusting process.
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