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I find it comical that a 15 hdcp is offering expert criticism of very successful tour pros. Somehow Casey and Donald manage to scruff around the golf course just fine. As far as Faldo, I don't know what he might shoot today, but I would guess he could manage a par or two, even though he is so much shorter than everyone here on the Sand Trap.
Does the 9-iron have a bent shaft, or auto glass fragments?
I didn't read the post where someone claimed that today's players are weaker than previous generations. Today's players are bigger, stronger, better conditioned, etc. no question.An argument could be made, however, that with today's purses, one doesn't have to win anything and can still live a million dollar lifestyle. For those players, being in contention to win tournaments, especially majors, is not comfortable. We have seen this happen in years past with...
If the quotes of Kostis and Faldo used in the original post had said that, I would agree. But they don't. Kostis says maintain some flex, Faldo says to keep the knee solid. Both are good advice, especially for those who don't stay balanced and lose their weight to the outside of their back foot. That's the killer move, in my opinion. It takes some real athletic ability to get back centered over the ball on your downswing if your weight gets outside your back foot.
After reading through 10 pages of point-counter point on this, I'm wondering why it even matters. Straighten a little, straighten a lot, don't straighten, what does it matter as long as you don't shift your weight to the outside of your back foot. The back foot has to be braced, period. Makes me wonder whether the OP was really interested in anything except bad-mouthing Kostis and Faldo (a common occurence here).
Easy there, cowboy. Be aware that there may be people here who might be familiar with the course you are playing (I assume you are a Harmony Longhorn, right?).
Backspin: Aren't you the guy who is offering advice on how to spin your wedges? Sounds like you may need a little more work with those suckers around the green. 15 over with only 6 missed greens. Short game...short game...short game...
Certainly would have made more sense if you would have said the course exit which crosses the driving range tee area. I couldn't figure out what you meant either. Now it makes sense.
Of course they would. The Dolphins are all over 60 years old now.
I have read a couple of Patrick Cohn's books, and he is quite good. If you go on his website http://www.peaksports.com/index1.php, you can opt to receive periodic email "lessons" and/or free e-books.
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