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Hit it to the distances you can control and are accurate with. If you hit a driver, 5iron, 60wedge and 1 putt, its the same as the driver, 3 wood, 2 putt. I dont hit the ball long at all, and I play alot of par 4's as 3 shot holes. I have spent so much time on my short game that I am confident enough that I can get up and down from 100 and in most of the time ( i dont always, but I am more comfortable doing that then trying to hit a 230 yard three wood accurate). It...
Guys I play in a golf league, and it is definetly a beer league. We have played the same format the last two years and we are looking to shore up some rules and procedures and I am looking to see what other people have done and get some ideas. We play a 2 man scramble that is match play style against another team and it is handicapped. This is a nine hole league. So basically you take your scramble team score against the other teams scramble score and you either win the...
And he is supposed to play next week. If he isnt in a dentist chair right this second and shows up in Doral next week it will be in poor taste IMO.
  He told the reporters on the way out that he "was in a bad palce mentally". And then they asked if anything was wrong physically and he said "No". Now the Camp Rory and Nike PR spin o rama machine has a hold of it and it is a wisdom tooth issue. IMO he is having equipment and swing issues and he has to play through it. To disgrace the game like that and walk off is outrageous. Think of the non-exempt guy or Monday qualifier who couldnt play because Rory was in the...
What a baby.... Number one in the world and he walks off because he is playing bad. Nice example he is setting right there. Makes me feel bad for the monday qualifiers and non exempt guys who couldnt play becuase Rory was in the field and he had a temper tantrum and walks off... I used to like Rory..
Taylormade RBZ 4 hybrid, Taylormade RBZ 3 wood, a dozen NXT Tour's, FJ Pure Touch glove, and a driver fitting session. Ended up cutting an inch off my driver. Good day for sure.
Titleist NXT Tour for me. Really like the way the ball feels off the club face and I like the performance. I want to try a Top Flite Gamer V2 this year, I hear and read good things about them.
take it to a reputable shop and you should have no issue. There are very few people who fit perfectly into a set of off the shelf irons. I would recommend getting them fitted. good luck and congrats on the purchase.
Congrats man, I shot under par a couple times two years ago. I had a 10 year stretch betwen par or better rounds and it was such a good feeling doing it again. I thought I was even par when in fact I was -1 and it made it just that much better. keep practicing and go do it again!
Just bought a Four 5 yesterday and I love it. That is the best idea I have heard in a long time. I plan on looking this up and taking in an old Ping hoofer and some old clubs i no longer need.
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