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Taylormade RBZ 4 hybrid, Taylormade RBZ 3 wood, a dozen NXT Tour's, FJ Pure Touch glove, and a driver fitting session. Ended up cutting an inch off my driver. Good day for sure.
Titleist NXT Tour for me. Really like the way the ball feels off the club face and I like the performance. I want to try a Top Flite Gamer V2 this year, I hear and read good things about them.
take it to a reputable shop and you should have no issue. There are very few people who fit perfectly into a set of off the shelf irons. I would recommend getting them fitted. good luck and congrats on the purchase.
Congrats man, I shot under par a couple times two years ago. I had a 10 year stretch betwen par or better rounds and it was such a good feeling doing it again. I thought I was even par when in fact I was -1 and it made it just that much better. keep practicing and go do it again!
Just bought a Four 5 yesterday and I love it. That is the best idea I have heard in a long time. I plan on looking this up and taking in an old Ping hoofer and some old clubs i no longer need.
Arcadia will not dissapoint. My personal opinion is it is the nicest public course in Michigan. Sounds like a great trip, have fun!
  New Sun Mountain Four 5 golf bag. I had the Titleist Mid Sized Staff bag and I love it, but it's just not practical for how much i play and go to the range. I needed something light weight.
On the Stricker and Woods pairing absolutely. On the Furyk/Stricker pick absolutely. Maybe if he didnt put Woods/Stricker together 3 times and sit Phil/Keegan, than this conversation could have been he did a bad job, but at least they pulled it out. Wouldnt have mattered if they won, his picks were questionable, and his matchups and pairings were not good in my opinion. Everyone has their own opinion, and I'm calling it like I see it, I dont expect you or anyone else to...
The Americans deserve to sit and watch the Euros get hammered on Guiness and sing Ole for the next 5 hours. Calling them choke artists would be a compliment, came on US soil and shoved it down our throats. Get some heart US, get some heart. DL3 did a poor job in picks and match ups in my opinion.. So irritated I am going to the range to hit golf balls..
Can't beat that price. I wore through mine in a season, switched to Golfpride Tour Wrap 2G in White. I loved the Black Widows, but I played right through them, and they got slippery. I was playing 3 times a week and hitting the range 2-3 of the other days a week. Good Luck.
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