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when i stood up in my friends wedding he got us all small cigar humidors. very nice, dark oak small enough for a dresser top. Probably around 40 bucks a piece, maybe less.
I have the f-60 3wood 15* with the Exsar FS3 shaft from mizuno and i have to say i really do like this club. i might end up switching out the driver but the 3 wood is staying put. It has a very nice look and a solid feel when you hit the ball. the shaft and club seem to match my swing and play to a T. I would recommend it to anyone really. good luck
27 this will be the 15th year i have played golf on a regular basis, just got back into it last year. I took a 2 year hiatus from the game to sink a fortune into a muscle car that i ended up selling dirt cheap.. what is it they say about hind sight?? lol oh well you live and learn, i'm setting a goal of being a single digit handicap again by 2010. I think it is very realistic seeing where my game is now that i started a strength and conditioning program..
i have the mp-600, got it as a gift when i bought my mp-52's so i wasn;t going to say no. I do like it, i hit it straight, and i am able to work the ball pretty good, but i have always had it on the nuetral settings since i have bought it. I am lucky enough to hit my drivers straight pretty consistant, so i have always used it in a neutral setting, but i do feel like i am losing distance. I have used the new nike that is adjustable with an extra stiff shaft and i can...
i have the mizuno's and love them.. best feeling iron I have played, and I just switched from my hogan musclebacks.. I feel like the quality of shot is the same as the hogans, yet they are so much more forgiving when i do miss hit. i hit them about the same distance wise as the musclebacks maybe even a little farther. this is my first set of mizuno's and i can say i'll probably be a mizuno player for life.
doubt it. guy is a clown, i heard there was an open invitation for him to compete in the long drive event in mesquite, nv.. I guess the invitation has been publicly there for a few years and he has never once went to it. i'm sure that would tell you something about his abilities.
i have had my pro platinum mid slant scotty for 10 or 11 years now and i cannot even think of a single time i thought about getting a new putter. i'm so confident with the club i refuse to get another one.
years ago i was on a short par 4 and had 120 to the pin. I was borrowing the club pro's wedges. hit a SW and it hit the lip of the green side bunker and shot left, took the break and went it. only time in the 17 years i have been golfing i have holed a shot farther than 100 yards.. don;t they say it's better to be lucky than good.. haha man i love this game
watched my buddy carry a 370 yard par 4.. granted it was one of his long drive drivers, but it conforms to usga rules so it's a legal driver.. he qualified for the long drive tourney in illinois this weekend with a drive of 367. amazing to see those guys hit the ball.
there is an actual pinnacle long drive ball they use in competition, but when i play golf with my best friend(competes in long drive tourneys) he uses pinnacle.. hits the ball 100 yards farther than me and i am around 250, 275 if i really get ahold of it, makes me sick sometimes. i destroy him in the short game area though.
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