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years ago when i finally shot in the 70's with my dad playing with me. my dad passed away last year, and we really shared the love of golf. If i could go back in time and do one thing, it would be to play one last round of golf with pops..
240 yards, 1998 dodge ram, and I love to hang out in strip clubs... lol as for the shaping shots and such, i can hit a fade and can hit a draw with just about all my clubs, mind you it;s not always a controlled fade or draw but i can do it. I do agree that sometimes people just try to do to much, i find alot of rounds i go out and just try to hit the center of the green and 2 putt i have better rounds. who knows it's just the competitive side in people i guess. honestly...
i'm no expert and i could be wrong but when i switched from my titleist 981's to my Hogan Apex Blades i saw a lower trajectory on my shot initially and saw a little more distance. unfortunatly i stopped playing as much as i ised to and have since switched to Mizuno MP-52's and now i see a higher trajectory but my miss hits are WAY better off than the miss hits with my Hogans. My biggest mistake when i got my Hogan's was getting rid of my 981's. I would;ve been nice to...
i am working on keeping my left arm as straight as possible on my takeaway. I started a strength and conditioning routine to get stronger to help with hitting my irons farther. also working on hitting my irons a consistant distance to help cut down on the amount of half/3 quarter type shots i take during my rounds. and lastly i have been working on making solid contact and taking a solid divot with my 60*, 54* and my PW.
practice, practice, strength and conditioning routine, practice, practice, read as much literature about golf, practice, practice... oh did i mention practice. I f you are gonna get real serious get a coach, or find a teaching pro that can get you working on your fundamentals, and then practice, practice, practice. Anything is possible, don;t let anyone shoot down your dream, just remember this is a very frustrating game, and you really have to commit to it to be...
i don't really care about the money part of it, but I really hate to see someone lose like that. not saying that it was the only reason it happened, but it was clearly between paddy and tiger for the win and it's a shame that had to happen. I think the rules need to have some sort of a provision in them allowing a little extra time. I could care less if the network has to stay with golf for 10 more minutes, Tiger was in the lead in the final round, they really can;t ask...
I was accepted into the PGM program at Ferris State University in Michigan, but decided not to go(dumbest decision ever). but i needed an acceptable act/sat score, gpa, a verifiable handicap(not sure what the actual number was, but i qualified) and you need letters of recomendation. can;t really remember if there was anything else, cause it was 10 years ago, but good luck.
when i stood up in my friends wedding he got us all small cigar humidors. very nice, dark oak small enough for a dresser top. Probably around 40 bucks a piece, maybe less.
I have the f-60 3wood 15* with the Exsar FS3 shaft from mizuno and i have to say i really do like this club. i might end up switching out the driver but the 3 wood is staying put. It has a very nice look and a solid feel when you hit the ball. the shaft and club seem to match my swing and play to a T. I would recommend it to anyone really. good luck
27 this will be the 15th year i have played golf on a regular basis, just got back into it last year. I took a 2 year hiatus from the game to sink a fortune into a muscle car that i ended up selling dirt cheap.. what is it they say about hind sight?? lol oh well you live and learn, i'm setting a goal of being a single digit handicap again by 2010. I think it is very realistic seeing where my game is now that i started a strength and conditioning program..
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