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The Americans deserve to sit and watch the Euros get hammered on Guiness and sing Ole for the next 5 hours. Calling them choke artists would be a compliment, came on US soil and shoved it down our throats. Get some heart US, get some heart. DL3 did a poor job in picks and match ups in my opinion.. So irritated I am going to the range to hit golf balls..
Can't beat that price. I wore through mine in a season, switched to Golfpride Tour Wrap 2G in White. I loved the Black Widows, but I played right through them, and they got slippery. I was playing 3 times a week and hitting the range 2-3 of the other days a week. Good Luck.
The shoes are probably real comfy, but to me they look terrible. My friend on our league just bought a pair and I finally saw these up close and personal and they look like vinyl or plastic. To me, if I am paying that much then they better look good and be comfortable. I have paid that much for golf shoes multiple times, but these look terrible in my opinion.
not an individual round, but I played in an Autism Charity outing yesterday and we won the scramble outing by 5 shots with a -14(57). It was a great day, and it got to a point that if it was on a green or close to it, it went in. Awesome day and we were able to donate all our winnings back for about a $5k donation to fight Autism. Absolutely wonderful day yesterday.
  Finally decided to retire my Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport Mid Slant. It's been the only putter in my bag for the last 13-14 years.
There is a PDF to download in here to go over the different styles and arc to fit your putter. Some good info in there, might help you out.   http://www.scottycameron.com/studio/articles/details.aspx?id=56
Hawkseye is nice, and like another person said Arcadia Bluffs in an hour away and IMO of of the top 3 courses in the state.
I really like the Yes Sophia. really like how it gets the ball to roll over off the club face. Good luck.
Justin Leonard is a jerk. I met him at the Buick Open years ago and he had to be the biggest a-hole I have met. I watched him scold a little kid because he had a sharpie and a hat asking him for an autograph and he didnt want to get marker on his shirt. I can understand not wanting to get marker on your shirt, but to scold a 10 year old kid asking for an autograph seemed way out of line. It made me lose all respect for him at that very moment.   I will say on the...
Played 8 holes and I was right around even par. We were just out on the course enjoying the 80 degree March weather in Michigan. Almost made one from 120 yards, and had a tap in birdie on number 2. So we get to the 9th tee and the course GM meets us out there. We played a 2 on 2 combined score match. I played -3 for 6 holes, and missed an 8' birdie putt to make it -4 for 6 holes. My partner 4 putted the first match hole we played to tie them on that hole and we won the...
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