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LMAO, nice... BTW go Wings, looking for 21 in a row tonight!!!  
Wow, thesandtrap.com members must have some of the most beautiful wives/girlfiends on the planet to be dissing this girl like that. I guarantee 99.99% of the people on here, including the ones posting in here would be at attention in a split second if she would get in that same outfit and said let's go... LOL at the response in this thread...
120 yard SW for Eagle. This was about 11-12 years ago.Worked at a local course and I was borrowing the head pro's old set of Wedges. First hole, hit my drive, than was farther out than I hit a SW, but I was kind of anxious to try them out. Hit it, didnt think much but as I watched it hit the green, caught a slope and went in. The Head Greens keeper was standing there watching it, as the first hole of that particular 9 went right by the maintenence shed. It was the first...
Huntmore is a very nice track. Very impressed with how nice they keep it. My step dad wanted to get his brains kicked in so we played the tips one day after it hadnt rained in a week or so.. Between the greens being like glass and playing over 7k yards it was brutal.. fun but brutal.    
Played both of those courses this past summer as part of a golf trip myself and 3 buddies went on. Arcadia is the nicest course I have played in my life. I was blown away at the scenary and course conditions. I felt like I was on a coast staring at the ocean all day long.    
I'm from Washington Twp, but I spent a year up in Lansing. I really liked Timber Ridge. I was usually able to get out pretty cheap and for the money I was really pleased with that course. I live in Washington and work in Auburn Hills now. Try the Orchards, it's at 29 mile rd and Campground in Washington Twp. I personally think it can compete with just about any public course in SE michigan. Copper Hills in Oxford is nice, Shepards Hollow is nice. I'm a fan of Pine Trace...
I didn't take a pic, but I will tell you first hand they look great with no paint fill also. I thought about leaving it with no pain fill, but I figured I spent all the time to do the paint fill might as well do it. Now that I know how easy it is to do I may end up going no paint fill if I get bored with the white.    
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