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Played both of those courses this past summer as part of a golf trip myself and 3 buddies went on. Arcadia is the nicest course I have played in my life. I was blown away at the scenary and course conditions. I felt like I was on a coast staring at the ocean all day long.    
I'm from Washington Twp, but I spent a year up in Lansing. I really liked Timber Ridge. I was usually able to get out pretty cheap and for the money I was really pleased with that course. I live in Washington and work in Auburn Hills now. Try the Orchards, it's at 29 mile rd and Campground in Washington Twp. I personally think it can compete with just about any public course in SE michigan. Copper Hills in Oxford is nice, Shepards Hollow is nice. I'm a fan of Pine Trace...
I didn't take a pic, but I will tell you first hand they look great with no paint fill also. I thought about leaving it with no pain fill, but I figured I spent all the time to do the paint fill might as well do it. Now that I know how easy it is to do I may end up going no paint fill if I get bored with the white.    
good deal right there. I have a set of 52's and I love them. glws
So I got bored today and decided to do some paint fill on my clubs. I have been wanting to do it for some time. This is my first time, and I want to go over some of them, but I think for a first time I did okay. I figured I would share them with you guys.     All 3 Wedges     MIzuno MP-52's (all white paint fill)   Mizuno MP-T10 52* Wedge (Blue and White Paint Fill) need to go back over this one..   Mizuno R-Series 56* & 60*...
I love my Hogan Apex Blades, I just don't play/practice enough to play them on a regular basis. I get froggy every once in awhile and put them in the bag, they quicker get put back in the box after though lol..
I played Arcadia Bluffs in June this year and it was spectacular. Shot 87 and was extremly happy with that. That course has a feel like you are looking out at an ocean on every hole. It's already on the list for next years golf trip. It will become an annually played course for me.    
Just played in one of these this weekend. We lost the Alternate shot by one on the 9th hole, we won 2&1 on the second 9 to push the match, and I won the singles match 2&1, should have been 5&4, but I had a little too much to drink and short putts became a bit harder to make lol. Overall I had a great time, I am already looking forward to playing again next year. The only thing I didnt like was that there were numerous teams with guys in handicap groups that had no reason...
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