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Yeah those are about the same ones I play. I played Romeo Golf Course just about every friday last year in somewhat of a standing tee time. I just got a range pass to The Orchards, so I plan on doing some serious practicing there, nice mile drive from home. Good luck on your tour.  
I have the same grips, I think you will be very pleased with that decision. Looks great.    
cross handed, or left hand low as some call it, with my fingers overlapping just like a left handed golf grip. Been the same for 14 years now.
Welcome, I am from Shelby Twp as well. Well actually Washington Twp now but I grew up in Shelby. What courses do you play in the area? I just got on a Monday league at Glacier club, which is awesome because I live across the street from the course :). Anyways, welcome aboard.
club brush and a red Polish Century Club golf towel.
I picked up a Superfast 2.0 on Saturday and after 2 days at the range I still have a smile on my face. I switched from a Mizuno MP-600 and I have to say there is zero comparison. I feel like the ball really comes off the face hot and I cant wait to be on a golf course.
Bought a Taylormade Superfast 2.0 driver, a University of Michigan headcover, and a Family Guy Peter Griffin Headcover.
I played this shaft in my Mizuno Mp-600. I had an issue with Ballooning my drivers and it was robbing my distance. Only problem I saw (which IMO is my swing not the shaft) is that I get like zero roll. I usually see a ball mark within 5 feet of my ball. I bought a TM Superfast 2.0 yesterday, so the Mizuno has gone to the corner of the living room for now. Good luck.
Thats a sweet day at the golf shop right there. I want to know how big of a grin you had walking out after completely reloading the golf bag. I just bought a MP T10 52 wedge and it should be here tomorrow.
The 9064 is a hot driver. Guys on the LDA are using these basically off the shelf and having success with them. I have been debating buying the Ping G15 or the 9064 myself.
New Posts  All Forums: