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I played this shaft in my Mizuno Mp-600. I had an issue with Ballooning my drivers and it was robbing my distance. Only problem I saw (which IMO is my swing not the shaft) is that I get like zero roll. I usually see a ball mark within 5 feet of my ball. I bought a TM Superfast 2.0 yesterday, so the Mizuno has gone to the corner of the living room for now. Good luck.
Thats a sweet day at the golf shop right there. I want to know how big of a grin you had walking out after completely reloading the golf bag. I just bought a MP T10 52 wedge and it should be here tomorrow.
The 9064 is a hot driver. Guys on the LDA are using these basically off the shelf and having success with them. I have been debating buying the Ping G15 or the 9064 myself.
          Mizuno MP600 Driver Aldila NV Shaft Mizuno F60 3wood TaylorMade raylor 19* Mizuno MP52 3-pw Mizuno r series 56* Mizuno r series 60* Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport Midslant Adidas tour 360 FootJoy Dryjoys All in the Titleist Midsize Staff bag
easy... PUTTING!!!
Congrats Norm, Definetly rooting for you to win!!
I bought a TaylorMade 19* Raylor Hybrid from Nailitgolf. Used it today for the first time, and I am pretty happy with the purchase. Thanks for the good deal.
Yesterday I bought some grip tape and solvent from Golfsmith. Today I went to Carl's Golfland and picked up these bad boys. I gotta say I dig them.  
So I went and hit a large bucket (170 balls) and I have to say I LOVE these grips. They have a great feel, and the look is amazing. The guy in the range stall next to me would stop every 3-4 balls and turn and just stare at them. LOL finally I looked at him and said "looks like you want to ask me something?" he kinda giggled and said that he really liked the grips and hadn't saw any like that before. I'm sure they will eventually get dirty, good thing I bought 26 of them...
  Planning on hitting the golf dome right after I purchase a wedge and my shoes this afternoon. I'll definetly post a performance update on them.
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