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Ruger .45 S&W .357 Browing .22 Mossberg 12 Ga.
So I finally got around to installing my Black Widow Tour Silk grips last night after another Golfsmith shipping screw up. I think they look great, we'll see how long they stay white but the price was pretty good so if I have to change them out in the near future its not a big deal. Going to the golf store this afternoon to pick up a new pair of Footjoy Dryjoys and a 52* Wedge. Going to be a good day. Anyways let me know what you guys think.  
Congrats, I tried getting into ASU and didnt make it. My ACT scores were not high enough for an out of state applicant. either way good luck and congrats again on getting into those schools.
I have the Titleist Midsize Staff bag and I love it. I see alot of posts that say they are just for billboards, well my old ping stand bag is sitting right next to my staff bag and I think it has one less logo on it. At the end of the day who cares, it's your bag do whatever you like. I love the looks of a staff bag, and I always ride when I play golf so I said screw it, after years of wanting one I finally went and got one. I have my shoes, rain gear, sky caddie, balls,...
I'm going to visit the parents in Florida in Feb. I cant wait to play 3-4 rounds. The dome just aint cutting it..
Lol, i was thinking the exact same thing. I use the Mizuno R Series, but I was with my buddy a couple weeks ago and he got the Callaway JAWS series. I have to say I was quite impressed with the look, feel, and performance of them. Might find a set in my bag in the near future, especially for $70 a wedge.
Every round we played out there was SLOOOOWWW... I was not impressed with the pace of play out there. But Falcon ridge and Wolf Creek and beautiful golf courses. It's crazy how Falcon Ridge is literally plopped right down in the middle of the city. pretty cool visual courses out there with the desert and mountains.
I have those grips on an old set of nike irons and I love them. wish I would have put them on my Hogan Blades instead.
FJ Weathersoft Glove Skycaddie My green towel Allegra Jack Daniels and/or Kettle One
put in hours of practice with my short game (chipping, putting, bunkers, wedges)
New Posts  All Forums: