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I matched my woods and irons because they were bought for me as a gift :) I figured I would check out the mizuno wedges because of all the other mizuno clubs and fell in love with them. I am however buying an Adams Speedline driver soon, and my putter is a Scotty. I dont think it matters either way as long as you are comfortable and confident with the clubs you have. If I could shoot par with a set of Kunnans I would have a whole bag of them lol.
A Titleist midsize staff bag, Nike Golf towel, (2) titleist fitted hats, a Titleist sweatshirt, a dozen ProV1's, and an AMEX giftcard to go play a round of golf. I think I made out quite well this year :)
Mesquite is about n hour and 15 minutes away. I was out there in early November for the ReMax World Long Drive Championships. We played a couple course while we were there. They have some nice courses out there. Here is a link to a couple courses. We stayed at the CasaBlanca while we were out there. http://www.golflink.com/golf-courses...st=mesquite+nv
ouch that looks like it hurts. Glad he is ok, and he is a hell of a gamer to go back out.
I love some Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat also.
and I bought some xmas gifts for mom -Tweety Bird Headcover - Nike Karma golf Balls - (2) Wilson Tennis Racquets
I listen to Pandora on my phone. And I usually listen to gangster rap while i am on the course. I feel like I play better when I have music on.
not in the store but I ordered a pair of Adidas Tour 360 LTD white/black. finally moving away from the FJ Classics. It's been a long time coming..
I shot between high 70's and mid to high 80's in tournaments, and high 30's to mid 40's in 9 hole matches. Coach was not bossy Practice was fun, got to hit golf balls or play for free each day, and i was with alot of my friends, and made some good friends. I enjoyed it, some of the most fun I had in High School and for the last question about it being a job, you're only going to get out of golf what you put in it. It takes practice to be good, and it really depends if...
wow gut wrenching right there. I agree it sucks, but if they discussed the bunker situation it's his and his caddies job to know that or have enough sense to ask an official. Either way wanted to see him win it, now it's go Bubba!!
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