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i have the 52's also. Love them.. I played titleist 981's, then went to the Hogan Apex MB's, and since my frequency of playing has plumeted over the years I picked up a set of 52's and could not be happier. Congrats on the purchase.
i'm a fan of my mizuno r series wedges. I like them better than the Vokey's, but everyone has their own opinion.
Lots of fake mizuno's out there. call and verify before buying them. Consumer Support + 1.800.966.1211 (Monday thru Friday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm EST)
cant hurt to tryout.. worst case he doesnt make it, best case he makes it. The amount of practice you get on a high school team is great. I know when i played we had a match or practice monday-friday. Golf just like anything else the more you practice the better you get and you definetly practice. He'll never know if he doesnt try..
i golf alone all the time. sometimes it's nice to play by yourself, or you get paired up and I have met some cool people over the years.. I played this past saturday, I was there early and was able to go out and play by myself (first one on the course). It was awesome, I played 18 holes in 2.5 hours shot a 77. I even played 2 balls at times just for fun and still blazed through the course. I play real fast and play better when I can play fast.
my buddy competes in LDA, and pures all his shafts. For him I can understand, those guys are looking for every inch. For the average everyday golfer I am not too sure if you would really see the difference.
i shot par on a par 5, par 4, and finished with a 180yd par 3 with nothing but my titleist driver. A buddy and I had just finished 9 (playing twilight) and it was still light so we felt like playing a couple holes. I played the first par 5 with just the driver, par it. PLaye the next par 4 with just the driver, par it. Stick a shot 7' from the pin with a driver and missed the putt.. i then tried to tiger woods the ball, hit the hosle and snapped the club head off.. i was...
a golf pride multicompound grip and an Adilia NV 75 shaft for my driver.
played saturday shot a 77 for my first time out this year. went bogy bogy birdie to finish up my round. putter coulda been better but I am very happy with this first round of the year.
picked up a new Mizuno R series 56 degree wedge. My bag has completely transformed into mizuno with the exception of my scotty cameron..
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